Cargo Forwarder Global is a regularly published online news provider delivering brand new and background information on matters concerning the air cargo and logistics industry. It focuses on European topics but covers global themes as well.CargoForwarder Global (CFG) was first published in August of 2012 under the name of CargoForwarder.
The heading CargoForwarder Global was adopted as of February 2014. The worldwide coverage is steadily increasing with currently (mid-2017) more than 22,300 listed subscribers.
CFG is published online on a weekly basis as the air cargo industry‘s leading online publication delivering brand new and up-to-date worldwide information for the air cargo and logistics community.
In addition to the weekly coverage, CFG issues regular “Breaking News“ articles on important and actual topics within the industry.
The newsletter is published by Heiner Siegmund, an internationally accepted aviation journalist who specializes in air cargo and logistics themes. He is also founder and owner of Hamburg based e.go MediaServices GmbH (www.ego-mediaservices.de) that contributes articles to various logistic and cargo publications as well as to the German and European press.
John Mc Donagh, a well known veteran of the cargo industry for the past 35 years, joined CFG as an Associated Partner in 2013 and along with Heiner Siegmund, researches, prepares and delivers articles for the newsletter.
Furthermore, article contributions are received and published on a regular basis from various experienced members of the air cargo and logistics community.

For contact details please refer to the CargoForwarder Global Crew listing below.


Leonard Caanitz joins CargoForwarder Global
We are happy to announce that CargoForwarder Global has expanded its team and now employs Leonard Caanitz as its Technical and IT Manager.
Leonard’s responsibilities will include the CFG layout structure, control and steering of our website activities as well as overseeing our CargoForwarder global issues each week.
He is no newcomer to CFG as he has often helped out during the past two years.
Now, Leonard, who at 19 years of age is our youngest “man-on-board“, becomes a permanent member of the team.                           

Founder and Publisher


Heiner Siegmund

office: +49 40 7235005

cell:    +49 171 1422640

email: hs@cgofor.eu

Heiner Siegmund
Heiner Siegmund

Associated Partner


John Mc Donagh

office: +49 6027 404959

cell:    +49 174 308230

email: jmd@cgofor.eu

John Mc Donagh
John Mc Donagh

Sales and Advertising


 Almut Susanne Caanitz
office: +49-40-7235005

email: asc@cgofor.eu


Almut Susanne Caanitz
Almut Susanne Caanitz

Present Contributors


Nol van Fenema

Senior Asian Correspondent



Marcel Schoeters

Special Correspondent Benelux



Mark Grinsted

Special Correspondent

IT Management


Leonard Caanitz

Manager Technique & IT