Saudia Cargo and DoKaSch Ink Master Agreement

ULD provider DoKaSch Temperature Solutions is growing its customer portfolio step by step. After gaining Qatar Cargo last August as new client for leasing their active cool containers, Saudia Cargo becomes the next utilizer of DoKaSch provided Opticoolers for transporting temperature critical items.
No doubt, DoKaSch’s business is thriving. Triggered by fast growing demand, the Frankfurt-based ULD provider has recently decided to expand its fleet of RAP Opticooler boxes, to surpass 500 units soon. Not really a surprising step given the fact that the company is in promising negotiations with a number of additional carriers that are interested in using the cool boxes to transport their temp sensitive shipments from A to Z at constant climate conditions. This way protecting the value of their shipments, reducing the risk posed by spoiled goods.

DoKaSch’s Opticoolers will be a common sight on board Saudia Cargo’s fleet  - Picture: DoKaSch
DoKaSch’s Opticoolers will be a common sight on board Saudia Cargo’s fleet - Picture: DoKaSch

More clients to come
Andreas Seitz, Managing Director of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions comments: “Due to steadily increasing market demand we are enlarging our Opticooler network constantly. We are in talks with a number of potential new customers but we don’t expect to sign a new contract within the coming weeks.”
Protecting their valuable shipments from overheating or undercooling is also Saudia Cargo’s main driver, the ULD manager’s latest customer: “We are very pleased to offer our customers a highly reliable packaging solution to transport temperature-sensitive shipments with DoKaSch Opticoolers. Especially pharmaceuticals must be kept within strict temperature tolerances throughout the entire supply chain, regardless of the ambient conditions, which are a challenge in particular in our region,” states Adel Elshazly, Cool Chain Manager at the Jeddah-based freight carrier. 
Andreas Seitz confirmed this, stating: “We are pleased that Saudia Cargo will be joining our global airline network. Saudia Cargo is a very important partner in many aspects.” What this means he illustrates by saying that the carrier operates one of the world’s most modern aircraft fleets, with their gateway Jeddah being a very important trading hub, triggering demand for the ULD manager’s cool boxes. 
With Saudia as a new customer, DoKaSch Opticoolers are easily accessible in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Andreas notes.


Designed for extreme temperature situations
Asked about technical services to keep the boxes in perfect shape at all times he said that his company has no intention to base a maintenance crew in Jeddah. “This is not necessary because Saudia Cargo targets mainly pharma exports from the EU member states and – to a lesser degree – the USA, with the containers traveling back to where they originally came from after a mission is terminated, to be technically looked after upon their return.”
How many Opticoolers Saudia Cargo will lease for transporting their temperature critical items remains to be seen, says Andreas. “This depends on the demand of their forwarders and shippers, which make figure estimates rather difficult at this early stage of our cooperation.”
The DoKaSch produced and managed fleet of Opticoolers are especially designed for extreme climatic conditions. They keep their contents within a temperature range of 2° to 8° Celsius or 15° to 25° Celsius even when it comes to extreme temperatures of up to 50° C, which are quite common in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

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