DHL CEIV certified in HAM & FRA
DHL Global Forwarding has obtained CEIV pharmaceutical certification for their science and healthcare products from IATA for its stations in Frankfurt and Hamburg.  It seems that DHL is pushing ahead fast with gaining CEIV certification for other stations within Germany. The process for FRA and HAM started towards the end of 2016, although Leipzig, as DHL’s largest hub, gained their certification in April. The CEIV process is by no means an easy one. It includes an auditing process carried out by an independent body as well as special training for the staff who will be on hand for the handling of temperature sensitive pharma products.
It can b expected that other stations will have their CEIV label by either the end of this year or in early 2017.

AirBridgeCargo volumes rise by 16% in first half year
The cargo volumes at AirBridgeCargo (ABC) continue their upward spiral. This is shown in the company’s latest release which reports a 16% increase in volumes during the first six months of this year. A total of 335,000 tonnes were moved by the carrier during this period.
Much of the increase is thanks to the continuing strong demand for space on ABC’s Asia Pacific network. The so called “freight tonne kilometres" (FTK’s) increased by 13% and the overall load factor rose by 4% to 71%. ABC now operates ten of the modern Boeing 747-8F aircraft along with seven B747-400 series aircraft. Asia capacity was given a boost with the introduction of a twice weekly service to Taipei. This brings the total destinations served by ABC in the Far East to twelve. A rise in the transport of pharmaceutical products has also been reported by ABC for the first six months of 2017 as well as increased demand for the transport of heavy and off-sized cargo.


CEVA adds temperature unit in Dublin
CEVA Logistics, the worldwide supply chain management company has upgraded its Dublin, Ireland facility by adding a 15,000 square foot temperature controlled unit. The new cool unit is situated on the city’s airport industrial park and can offer temperature sensitive products a constant cool temperature range of 15-25 degrees.
The Irish export market has seen a steady increase in temperature sensitive goods as the life sciences manufacturing business in the country expands further. The new warehouse enables CEVA to store up to 2,100 pallets of medical products and steer temperatures between the 15-25 degrees scale. CEVA also plans to employ an on-site pharmacist by the end of this year. His responsibility will be to monitor the temperature and flow of medicals within the facility.

UPS keeps operating their A300F fleet
UPS keeps operating their A300F fleet

UPS will fly their A300Fs until 2035
United Parcels Service (UPS) which still operates a fleet of 52 Airbus A300 freighters has decided to opt for a Honeywell Primus Epic upgrade and modernisation of the cockpit instruments which will enable the all cargo carrier to continue operating the aging A300Fs until at least 2035. This added eighteen lease on life for the aircraft is good for UPS, the company states, as it will make the A300F comparable to the capabilities of a more modern B787 or A350 aircraft. Airbus has been chosen by UPS to do the avionics integration and the first steps will be taken during 2019, followed by flight tests and regulatory certification which is hoped will be completed by 2020. Following that, the rest of the A300F fleet will be completed by 2022.
The cockpit modernisation consists of new main computers, central maintenance computers and a so called next generation flight management system. UPS also recently announced that they were doing the same cockpit modernisation for their fleet of B757 and B767 freighters.

Front side of new cargo terminal at Sheremetyevo Airport
Front side of new cargo terminal at Sheremetyevo Airport

Sheremetyevo cargo warehouse opens up
The Russian Federal Agency of Air Transport, Rosaviatsiya, has signed off on the new Sheremetyevo air cargo terminal and has issued an operating permit allowing operations to commence straight away. The new Moscow Cargo terminal is fully automated and offers 43,000 square metres of space, enough to handle up to 380,000 tonnes of cargo per year. The new cargo terminal is part of the Sheremetyevo Airport modernization planning which it is hoped will be completed before the start of the 2018 soccer World Cup.
The cargo terminal which started construction early 2016 was completed on schedule, the airport states. The automated seven-tier cargo rack storage space is large enough to accommodate up to almost 3,200 pallets. Storage for temperature sensitive cargo is available with temperature control between  2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

Emirates gets new container cool covers
Emirates SkyCargo has done a deal with DuPont to supply the carrier with new White CoverXtreme covers for cargo containers. This new cover which is named Tvek Extreme W50 was developed jointly by DuPont and the Dubai-based carrier and is made of DuPonts high density polyethylene material. This allows Emirates protection in extreme weather conditions, especially for the transport of pharmaceutical products. It has a triple layer which reflects heat from outside and at the same time can also prevents heat from escaping when outside temperatures are low. It is so designed that there will be no condensation possible within the containers as the material allows water vapor to escape through special membranes.

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