Shanghai-based Cargo Handler PACTL Flies High

The handler’s unprecedented volume growth continues unabated. In the first half year of 2017 exactly 873,573 tons passed through the company’s large freight terminal at Shanghai Pudong Airport, up 12 percent y-o-y.

Freight volumes at PACTL keep growing, growing, growing ...  -  company courtesy
Freight volumes at PACTL keep growing, growing, growing ... - company courtesy

Presenting impressive growth figures year after year has become somewhat normal for the ground handler. However, while Chinese exports stood always on first place when comparing the flow of goods, the order has changed lately with imports outgrowing shipments sent abroad. According to PACTL data, imports were up 17.1 percent while exports grew by 10.3 percent, accounting for 471,781 tons from 1 January to 30 June 2017. As things stand, the day doesn’t seem to be very far when imports will overtake exports also in absolute figures.
In contrast to the aforementioned two sectors, domestic traffic was down 4.3 percent in the first half of 2017, but plays traditionally only a marginal role compared to international shipments. 

PACTL Chief Christian Haug  -  photo: hs
PACTL Chief Christian Haug - photo: hs

1.8 million tons expected
Comments Christian Haug, Vice President of PACTL “The fast growth of international imports shows more surging demand in Mainland China. The market performance is a little bit surprising to us but still within our expectation. As the peak season is just around the corner, we are quite confident to have a promising performance this year.”
He estimates that PACTL’s total annual volume will surpass 1.8 million tons until December 31.
Easy Cargo starts test runs
In the meantime, the PACTL management is pushing hard to drive the ambitious project termed “Easy Cargo” further ahead. Once fully operational, it will be the first integrated digitalized platform for the air freight industry, serving all actors, i.e. forwarders, handling agents, carriers, customs authorities and security providers. After more than one year of preparation and internal testing by PACTL, the first stage of Easy Cargo is getting ready for online pilot run. So far, 10 airlines and 46 freight forwarders have committed to send their personnel to training courses to get acquainted with the specs of “Easy Cargo.” 
Once the digital platform is fully implemented, the flow of goods will accelerate notably, typical error sources will be eliminated and processes will become extremely transparent, expects the project team.  
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