LUG Grows in FRA

The ground handler expands its freight facility at Rhine-Main Airport by adding capacity to its Health Care Center (HCC). With this step, the management is reacting to growing business and sets the course for the upcoming CEIV Pharma certification.

LUG Chief Patrik Tschirch
LUG Chief Patrik Tschirch

In an initial phase, the Health Care Center will be enlarged moderately, totaling 650 sqm once work is finished. Then, eight rooms of different sizes offer space for the storage of pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, vaccines, blood plasma or other temperature sensitive goods with temperatures ranging from -18° Centigrade to +25°C. Should business pick up further, LUG aircargo handling GmbH can add up to 1,200 sqm to its cool facility at a subsequent stage.

CEIV stands high on the agenda
In a release, the handler points out that the temperature settings can be adjusted to changing requirements and volumes. This makes a demand-driven and long-term use of the facility possible, irrespective of the customer’s specific freight structures.
As LUG announces, they are currently completing the IATA CEIV Pharma Certification program. The program ensures that existing processes are further enhanced and independent auditors verify the high handling quality. Intensive training of staff for the special handling complements the investments in infrastructure, technical equipment, and processes. According to the company, the certification process is due to be completed by the end of Q1 2018.

Emirates ante portas
“We are undertaking considerable investments in the area of temperature sensitive cargo handling with the expansion and modernization of the HCC. We are thus adapting our facilities to our new client structure. From October, we have Emirates SkyCargo in our customer portfolio, an airline with a relatively high share of life science and health care shipments ex Frankfurt/Main,” explains LUG CEO Patrik Tschirch. 
In view of these upcoming handling challenges, LUG has hired Dominik Misskampf as Senior Project Manager with effect from July 1, 2017 to efficiently steer the expansion project. Dominik looks after the enhancement of processes and their adaptation to the new infrastructure as well as the IATA CEIV certification. Previously, he had been responsible for various supply chain optimization projects at Ground Handling Services Fraport AG. Furthermore he is head of the Competence Team Pharma of the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt e.V.

Dominik Misskampf is responsible for LUG’s pharma activities  -  photos: LUG
Dominik Misskampf is responsible for LUG’s pharma activities - photos: LUG

Safeguarding the competitiveness
The aim of this platform is the optimization of processes across companies and supply chains in order to enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of Frankfurt as a cargo hub. Dominik states: “During my first few weeks at LUG I have gained a wealth of impression of the daily operations and the capabilities of our staff.” He went on to say: “The project is an important step to increase the performance of the company and to safeguard and strengthen its competitiveness.”
LUG aircargo handling GmbH belongs to the Bremen, Germany-based family owned Dettmer Group. Last year, the company handled more than 300,000 tons of cargo. It operates in 33,000 sqm of covered warehousing space at FRA with direct access to the aircraft stands. This is complemented by an office building of 12,500 square meters. At Munich Airport, LUG’s second operational platform, the firm manages warehouse space of 3,300 sqm. 

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