Liege Airport Welcomes First Flexport Customer

Liege Airport will welcome their first customer for its Flexport City development. The tenant is Sterima, the medical division of care group Malysse-Sterima in Kortrijk.

Artist impression aerial view of the Flexport development  -  courtesy Montea
Artist impression aerial view of the Flexport development - courtesy Montea

Hospital equipment company first in line
Sterima collects used operating instrumental sets at hospitals for reprocessing (cleaning, disinfecting, composing, packing, labelling and sterilising) and redelivery. The flow is being monitored at all times, from pickup to delivery, by means of a track & trace system.

Sterima provides this service to both hospitals and reputable Medical Devices suppliers. At the LGG premises Sterima will perform these services following an outsourcing agreement with the Liège CHC hospital group.

Dedicated to air cargo
Flexport City is part of a master plan to support the further development of the airport. The new site is located north of the runway system and is intended for air cargo supported activities.
The Sterima activities certainly meet this condition, says Bert Selis, Cargo & Logis-tics Manager. “Kits containing medical devices are sent to LGG to be sterilised and are then re-distributed to customers all over the world.”
Sterima does not rent directly from LGG, as the project is being developed by the specialized group Montea. The new construction will be operational as from beginning 2019. The total investment amounts to €12 million.

Marcel Schoeters in Brussels

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