SingPost Raises Delivery Quality With SmartPost

Singapore Post (SingPost), the country's postal service provider, has launched an initiative named SmartPost that will utilise wireless and digital technologies to increase postal service quality and improve operational efficiency.

SingPost CEO Paul Coutts
SingPost CEO Paul Coutts

In a statement, SingPost said this integrated suite of solutions will leverage near-field communication (NFC), radio frequency identification (RFID), digital imaging and electronic notifications.
SmartPost will enable the postal service provider to equip postal staff with new skills and tools to elevate their operational capability and efficiency across the entire postal operation - from collection to sorting, last mile delivery and, quality assurance.
SingPost’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Paul Coutts said: "SmartPost will address traditional postal challenges and help our postal team work better and smarter, enhancing their capabilities and efficiency for the digital age. We are starting at the last mile as this is the most vital and demanding part of our business.”

Tailored delivery options
SmartPost will benefit customers as well, because they will receive delivery status updates by SMS or email and will get notifications of where they may collect items whose delivery they have missed. In addition, they can also collect the item directly from the post office, for that, all they will need is an electronic notice on their smartphones in lieu of the physical delivery notes.
As part of improvements to other parts of the postal operation, SingPost said it will be installing NFC tags on more than 50,000 delivery and collection points around the island to obtain data on operational activities.
Testing for SmartPost's last mile delivery solution concluded earlier this year. SingPost said another roll-out will commence later this year, and expects the initiative to be fully in place by March 2019.

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