Miller Exits time:matters

Franz-Joseph Miller, the long-time chief of time:matters, a specialist enterprise for high speed logistics, has decided to leave the company on his own request after 16 years in his role as helmsman. As of 1 July, the 48-year old will take on a new opportunity outside time:matters.

Franz-Joseph Miller says goodbye to time:matters
Franz-Joseph Miller says goodbye to time:matters

“Following thorough consideration and many discussions, while constantly evaluating options and an analysis of future possibilities, I decided that my wonderful journey at time:matters will come to an end this summer,” Franz-Joseph told CargoForwarder Global in a telephone call today (5 May). In the same breath he adds to this that leaving the firm, which he has mainly built from scratch, was one of the most difficult decisions he has made in his managerial life.
From zero to hero
No wonder, what started in 2001 as a tiny LH Cargo spin-off with no more than 4 people has grown to be one of the world’s market leaders in special speed logistics under FJ’s stewardship, employing 200 staff, growing 30 percent in Q1 in a y-o-y comparison, and turning over €70 million in fiscal 2016.

Today, time:matters is a European market leader in sameday deliveries, spare-part logistics and tailored high-speed transport solutions, including hand-carriage of extremely urgent items by on-board couriers on a global basis.

Customers are forwarding agents, but also members of the aviation and aerospace industry, automobile producers, life & healthcare companies or the machinery sector. time:matters’ core product is time-critical transport services, tailored to the needs of their clientele. This could be the delivery of very urgent spare parts, documents or medical samples, be it by air, rail or road.
Letting the baby fly
According to the motto: if it can’t get any better, one should stop, the manager now decided to take on new challenges outside time:matters and its parent Lufthansa Cargo.

“My mission is accomplished. So it’s time to let ‘my baby’ fly,” states the manager. When announcing this internally to his colleagues he not only got a huge hand and long standing ovations but some of the staff pulled out some hankies to wipe off their tears. “It was an extremely emotional moment that moved me deeply, and I admit that I also had some tears in my eyes,” FJ frankly confesses.
Quitting the comfort zone
And where does FJ go from here?

“It is the right time to leave my comfort zone and look for new entrepreneurial challenges,” he says.  In order to realize dreams and to remain faithful to oneself, one sometimes has to go new, possibly also unknown ways. “This is what I always preach to my kids and therefore, I should also manage my own life according to my aspirations.” 

So, for Franz-Joseph an unknown path lies ahead after his upcoming departure from time:matters. However, it can be assumed that the time he’s out of business will be of short duration. "I love the opportunity to create growth and impact stories that give passionate people pride and a potential to grow. That’s what I’ll be looking for again.”

Meanwhile, Lufthansa Cargo thanked Franz-Joseph for his dedication, commitment and valuable contribution to the success of time:matters in an internal statement, wishing him all the best for the future.

Simultaneously, the carrier has commenced the search for a suitable successor.

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