TU-204 of Russian Post  -  company courtesy
TU-204 of Russian Post - company courtesy

Russian Post starts freighter services to China
Russia’s national postal operator Russian Post has started scheduled freighter services from Novosibirsk to the Chinese cities of Zhengzhou and Harbin, media reported.
In a statement, Russian Post said the service would be operated two to three times a week with a Tupolev TU-204 freighter. It added that flights between Yekaterinburg and Harbin would also commence soon. The Russian postal operator noted that 90% of postal items that come into Russia from abroad originate in China, with the bulk comprising e-commerce shipments. Russian Post handled 30.000 tonnes of packages and parcels from China in 2016 and the company said that the volume is growing constantly because of the the booming e-commerce trade.
Last year, Russian Post acquired two TU-204Cs that originally belonged to Transfer Airlines which went bankrupt in October 2015.


Turkish Cargo earns more revenue in 2016
Despite the political unrest in Turkey during 2016, Turkish Airlines Cargo earned more revenue than the previous year.
The carrier reported a six percent rise in cargo revenue during 2016 to US$996 million.
Cargo carried in the passenger bellies accounted for US$600 million and US$396 million worth of revenue was from all-cargo services.
Turkish Airlines overall results for 2016 amounted to revenues of almost US$9.8 billion and a gross profit of just under US$1.4 billion.
Since the unrest, many Turkish Airlines aircraft have been grounded due to lack of pas-senger demand.
It remains to be seen how Turkish can cope in 2017.


K+N to acquire two pharma logistics companies
The Schindellegi, Switzerland-based logistics giant has agreed to acquire two logistics companies in Turkey and Italy that are specialised in the handling of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. The Italian company is Ferlito Pharma logistics which operates out of Rome and Milan.
In Turkey, K+N is to acquire Set Farma the country’s leading pharma logistics set-up. The company employs over 400 staff and runs 56.000 square metres of pharma warehousing in Istanbul.

Amazon-utilized facility of DHL Express in Cincinnati, Ohio
Amazon-utilized facility of DHL Express in Cincinnati, Ohio

Amazon will temporarily utilize DHL facilities in Cincinnati
Amazon which is constructing its own massive handling facility at Cincinnati International Airport has reached agreement with DHL Express to utilize their handling facilities at the airport until their own are finished.
The new Amazon handling area will take up around 280,000 sqm of space at the airport. It will replace the company’s present smaller handling entity in Wilmington, Ohio.
The agreement with DHL allows Amazon access to DHL’s ramp space as well as their sorting and ground handling facilities.


TIACA gets KLM Cargo and Icelandair Cargo as new trustee members
KLM Cargo and Icelandair Cargo have been appointed as two new trustee members by the TIACA board of directors.
Both, who have been long-standing members of TIACA , with their trust member appointments, are now able to also help in the election of the Board of Directors as well as becoming involved in the management of TIACA’s affairs and policy decisions.

Diana Sokol heads Kerry Logistics Poland since 2 months  -  courtesy Kerry Logistics
Diana Sokol heads Kerry Logistics Poland since 2 months - courtesy Kerry Logistics

Icelandair Cargo serves over 50 destinations in Europe and North America from their home base in Reykjavik.
Gunnar Mar Sigurfinnsson, Managing Director, Icelandair Cargo commented that: “we believe it is important that small to medium sized companies like us are given a stronger voice, as we look to streamline processes and ensure better harmony across the global air cargo community.


Kerry Logistics increases their 2016 profit and opens up in Warsaw
The Hong Kong-based logistics giant, Kerry Logistics has announced in an internal release that their 2016 net profit rose by 4% over 2015 to HK$1,104 million.
Annual turnover for the past year amounted to HK$24,036 million, which represents a 14% increase on the previous year’s results.
The International Freight Forwarding segment reports a 24% increase in profits to HK$448 million.
E-Commerce development during 2016 has helped boost both revenues and the bottom line and the company expects this trend to continue during 2017 and onwards.
Kerry also announced that they have just opened a new office in Warsaw, Poland, which will concentrate mainly on developing international transport services in the area.

Brussels Airport opens up to third apron handler
Brussels Airport has invited tenders for its cargo handling licenses. These will give access to the apron for a third handler.
Up until now Brussels Airport has only allowed two companies, Aviapartner and Swissport, to offer on-apron cargo handling services and transport. Both companies have an airside infrastructure. The same goes for WFS, which does not have full apron access. The handling services are limited to a seven year term and  are up for renewal for the period 2018-2025. It can be expected that both Aviapartner and Swissport will want to extend their present licenses and that WFS will tender for apron access as well. Chances are that other players in the industry like Menzies, Dnata and Celebi will seize the opportunity to try and acquire a foothold at Brussels Airport.

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