Brussels Airport Honours Cargo Partners

Brussels Airport annual awards for 2016 went to Ethiopian Airlines Cargo, Air Cargo Belgium and Singapore Airlines Cargo. DHL Aviation’s Koen Gouweloose was given the biennial Diamond Award.

Arnaud Feist (left) and Koen Gouweloose  -  picture: ms
Arnaud Feist (left) and Koen Gouweloose - picture: ms

For the last ten years, Brussels Airport Company has reserved three of its nine awards for its cargo operators. The ‘Network Development Award Cargo Airline’ went to Ethiopian Airlines Cargo. Not only has this airline introduced additional flights at its Brussels hub, it has also become the largest cargo operator at the airport in six months’ time.
The umbrella organisation Air Cargo Belgium (ACB) was given the BRUcargo Award. ACB is a new initiative which for the first time in the history of BRUcargo brings together all the stakeholders of BRUcargo in one organisation.

SIA Cargo best performer
In 2016 Singapore Airlines Cargo has increased its frequencies, number of destinations flown, as well as its total volume and volume per flight. For these reasons, the airline was given the Performance Award Cargo Airline.
The 10th edition of the Brussels Airport Awards was also the 4th edition of the Diamond Award. This was acknowledged to a person who has consistently contributed to the successful development of Brussels Airport. According to Brussels Airport Company’s CEO Arnaud Feist, this definition fits to Koen Gouweloose like a glove.

Back to growth
“Under his management DHL and other partners are investing over 150 million euros in a hi-tech warehousing and sorting infrastructure and flying cargo with a modern fleet. In this respect, DHL plays a vital role in strengthening Brussels Airport’s important position as a European hub for cargo transport by air and road and the extension of Belgium’s trade connections with the rest of the world,” the Airport Chief applauded.
Koen Gouweloose reminded the audience of the fact that the move of the European hub of DHL Express to Leipzig in 2008, led to a loss of 1,000 jobs. “The number of packages handled fell to 45,000 pieces per night. Since that time, we have grown again into the 4th largest DHL Express hub in the world. Last December we handled 475,000 pieces per night. This autumn our new hub will enable us to make another giant step forward.”

Marcel Schoeters in Brussels

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