IATA happy on WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement
The recent Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) which was ratified mid last week is seen by the IATA managers as being a distinct advantage for future global trading.
The treaty has now been ratified by two-thirds of the members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and is seen as a means of reducing or cutting altogether red tape at borders to enable cheaper, faster and easier trading. This is seen as being especially good for the world’s airlines who transport and deliver just about one third of all goods traded by value across different borders.
This new treaty does not just apply for point-to-point movement, but also for goods in transit.
The new TFA is seen as coming at the right time as it runs parallel to IATA’s e-freight promotion which is geared towards a total modernization of air cargo across the globe.
IATA’s top man, Alexandre de Juniac commented: “With the new treaty now in force, we urge governments to move forward with early implementation so that the TFA’s substantial benefits can be realized.”

Ukrainian carrier Antonov Airlines flew a GE turbine on behalf of Swiss to Iqaluit polar airport in Canada (company courtesy)
Ukrainian carrier Antonov Airlines flew a GE turbine on behalf of Swiss to Iqaluit polar airport in Canada (company courtesy)

ANTONOV Airlines does it again
The AN-124 freighter fleet of ANTONOV Airlines is being kept busy at the present time.
The carrier which has a fleet of seven of these 120 ton payload aircraft had its first operation in twenty years back to Canada’s Iqaluit polar airport to deliver a giant General Electric GE90 aircraft engine.
The operation was fixed at high speed as a Swiss International Boeing 777-300 aircraft had been forced to divert there due to engine failure. It was decided that anew turbine would be necessary and that’s where ANTONOV went into action by delivering the engine within 48 hours.
The AN-124 remained in Iqaluit for five days in order to load the broken engine which had to wait for the broken engine to be removed and loaded on the AN-124 for transport to East Midlands Airport in the UK.
Quite a task for the loading crews considering temperatures of minus 35 degrees Celsius and a wind chill factor of minus 52 degrees Celsius.


Hactl complies with IATA CEIV Pharma
The Hong Kong Air Cargo terminals Ltd (Hactl) announced that it has fully complied with the necessary IATA CEIV Pharma requirements in order to be able to undergo validation of the CEIV standards.
There was an extensive assessment and validation process during the past months which involved many inspections and interviews with ground personal and management teams at the HKG based facility.
IATA’s G.M. for Hong Kong and Macau, Yvonne Ho said; “I congratulate Hactl on being the first to receive CEIV certification in Hong Kong. In doing so, Hactl has achieved an internationally recognized standard for pharmaceutical handling.”

Rio Linhas Aereas‘ single Boeing 737F has gone to Sideral Air Cargo – company courtesy
Rio Linhas Aereas‘ single Boeing 737F has gone to Sideral Air Cargo – company courtesy

End of B737 freighter operations for Rio Linhas Aereas
Another airline has decided to drop its B737F cargo operations.
This time it is Brazil’s Rio Linhas Aereas who are based in Curitiba and operate with a fleet of five aircraft.
The B737F has gone to fellow Brazilian carrier (as reported earlier by CargoForwarder Global) Sideral Air Cargo who are also based at Curitiba.
Rio now only operates with a four aircraft fleet of elderly Boeing 727-200 freighters, one of which is incidentally leased from Rio Linhas Aereas, on regional routes throughout South America.
Atlas Air leases to Asiana and reports good results for 2016
Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, has announced that Atlas Air Airlines the New York-based freighter operator has leased a Boeing 747-400 freighter to Korea’s all freighter carrier, Asiana Cargo.
The initial contract with Asiana is for one aircraft, but could be increased in the future. The aircraft will operate as of this month on Asiana transpacific routes between Korea and the USA.

Atlas Air Holdings also announced that 2016 was a “historic year” for the carrier with the freighter deal reached with Amazon and the acquisition of Southern Air Holdings. Reve-nues and block hours flown for the year have seen a dramatic increase the company says.

ATSG - United Star Express expected to launch this year
A new Chinese express carrier is in the making!
United Star Express which is a newly formed joint venture between the U.S.-based ATSG, China’s Okay Airways and e-commerce retailer VIP Shop Holdings.
It is said that two B737 passenger aircraft have been earmarked for  conversion by Pemco into full freighters and that operations are planned to start by late 2017.
Okay Airways will then operate them within China on behalf of VIP Shop Holdings.
The deal, which was originally planned to start in 2016, has been delayed due to Chinese government approvals.

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