Jettainer Takes Charge of Brussels Airlines ULDs

The outsourcing by airlines of their ULDs, aircraft pallets and galley equipment to so called ULD management companies seems now to be in full swing.
This process allows carriers to cut back drastically on internal costs related to own management and repair of this important equipment base.

Jettainer handed over specially designed ULDs to Brussels Airlines
Jettainer handed over specially designed ULDs to Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines choses Jettainer
The Frankfurt-based Lufthansa daughter company, Jettainer has been chosen by Belgian carrier Brussels Airlines to take over the management and maintenance of all containers within the carrier’s fleet.
The deal came into effect on February 5th when Jettainer handed over a new specially designed ULD to the airline.
Jettainer will provide Brussels Airlines with up to 1,000 modern ULD’s, many of them being AKE’s which are more modern in design and are more  lightweight than previous units used by the airline.
The trend to lightweight, but very robust containers continues at a fast pace as this gives the carriers a distinct reduction in fuel consumption within their fleets.


Brussels Airlines has strong African cargo connections
The new agreement between Jettainer and Brussels Airlines is said to give the ULD management company a better foothold on the African continent in the future.
This seems to be an area which Jettainer is convinced that there is much future potential.

The Belgian carrier’s long haul operations are very strong in Africa on both the cargo and passenger side.
They have established themselves as a major carrier in the region and the cargo flows to and from Africa through the Brussels hub has grown considerably during the past few years.
Brussels Airlines operates long-range Airbus A330 aircraft which offer both considerable belly load volumes and high tonnage payloads on the African routes.

Martin Kraemer, Head of Marketing & PR at Jettainer stated that “We’re looking forward to servicing Brussels Airlines. As a result, our network of stations will increase significantly in the African region and we’re proud to offer our latest customer range of innovations.”

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