Exclusive – AeroLogic Opts for Dual Leadership

Since AeroLogic’s Ulf Weber has announced stepping down as MD, following his appointment as helmsman of ASL Airlines Belgium, the discussion about his succession is in full swing. The applicants are queuing up, CargoForwarder Global was confirmed by informed sources.

AeroLogic Headquarters at LEJ Airport  -  photo: hs
AeroLogic Headquarters at LEJ Airport - photo: hs

The AeroLogic owners DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo (50/50%) keep the discussion about the Weber succession at low profile. Although there were no leaks to the outside, credible sources informed CargoForwarder Global that a dual leadership was given preference by the two AeroLogic stakeholders.

Delicate task
At LH Cargo the vacant position has been internally advertised. Precondition for each candidate besides having a high level of experience and competencies is holding a valid pilot license. This because in his future role at AeroLogic he or she will be responsible, among other things, for personnel issues, particularly the cockpit staff. Not really an easy task, because AeroLogic pilots have tried repeatedly to set up a works council in recent times, an objective not much supported by the company’s management.
For the appointment of a second managing director DHL Express is responsible for, thus cementing the dual leadership. According to sources, the future nominee’s role as MD is to take care of operational aspects, the route management and the carrier’s network. This, of course he’ll do in close cooperation with his future colleague coming from LH Cargo.  

Many candidates
So far, both LH Cargo and DHL Express are holding names of applicants under the wrap. The selection procedures are well underway, whereby internal LH sources reveal that there are many candidates interested in sitting in one of AeroLogic’s driver seats, LH Cargo has access to.
Similarly at DHL Express, on whose list of applicants seems to stand the name of Markus Kopp, as insiders have told CFG. Mr Kopp is currently head of Marketing & Sales at the Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding, the umbrella company of both airports Leipzig / Halle and Dresden. Kopp's intentions would make sense, since he was the sole managing director of the Airport Holding until June 2015, when he had to share the management tasks with two other airport executives.

Back to the roots
By favoring a dual leadership scheme, Leipzig-based AeroLogic is returning to its original management model. Back in June of 2009, when operations were launched, two managing directors were responsible for the carrier’s business affairs. However, shortly after, Ulf Weber was entrusted with both functions. Since its inception, the carrier operates eight leased Boeing 777 freighters, which are utilized by integrator DHL Express between Monday and Friday, switching over to LH Cargo on weekends and public holidays. 
Due to the large number of applicants, quick decisions on the Weber succession are rather unlikely.

Heiner Siegmund

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