CHEP Becomes Unilode

ULD manager CHEP Aerospace Solutions has rebranded itself, becoming Unilode Aviation Solutions. The step follows the service provider’s acquisition by Swedish equity firm EQT Infrastructure last November.

Unilode is an artificial name made up from the first letters of ‘unit load device’, this way referencing the essential range of aviation services the company engages in. While creating the new brand, the corporate branding specialists of London-based Spinach started historic language studies and linguistic analysis, finding out that ‘lode’ is an old English word meaning ‘rich source’ or ‘supply’.
Supposedly, a good pick, since the phonetic spelling also echoes terms such as load and payload that are widespread across the aviation services industry, referencing the wider activities of the business concerning inflight equipment solutions, all of which was stated by Unilode in a release announcing their new name.

Unveiling ceremony takes place in Abu Dhabi
Their changed brand will be phased in throughout 2017 with its unveiling taking place in mid-March at the upcoming IATA World Cargo Symposium in Abu Dhabi, the company announced. States Unilode: “The new Unilode logo comprising the picture mark and word mark will appear on containers in the coming months and will retain the current black label which is already familiar to airlines and ground handlers.”
Touching the asset issue, Unilode holds that they own and manage roughly 100,000 ULDs for more than 40 airline customers across a network of 450 airports and 48 repair and service centres.

Main ULD management customers are LATAM, Cathay Pacific, Air Canada, Cargolux, AirBridgeCargo, to name just a few. Unilode also provides maintenance and repair services to Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, British Airways, Air France, United and many other airlines.


Unilode is a brand Ludwig Bertsch and his team are proud to stand behind  -  company courtesy
Unilode is a brand Ludwig Bertsch and his team are proud to stand behind - company courtesy

New name, but no change of proven services
The rebranding comes after the acquisition of CHEP from Australian investor Brambles by Swedish equity firm EQT Infrastructure in November of last year, a deal estimated to be worth US$130 million, people close to the takeover say.
EQT explained the expenditure by saying that “CHEP has a proven business model, an impressive customer base and a promising pipeline of prospective airline clients.” While inking the contract the new owner stressed that EQT will support CHEP Aerospace Solutions in growing its asset base as well as offering pooling, management, maintenance and repair to more airlines globally.
Commenting on the rebranding Unilode CEO and President Ludwig Bertsch said: "Our new brand will encapsulate the positive energy across our global team. Accessible, memorable and true to our core values, Unilode is a name we are proud to stand behind as we continue to consolidate our position as the world's leading provider for outsourced ULD and inflight equipment solutions."
His words sound like a clear statement of intent to his firm’s competitors.

Heiner Siegmund

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