IAG Cargo launches a new Paris to New York service
The carrier has started services with its first ever direct cargo route between France and the USA.
Paris Orly to New York’s Newark airport is the new route.
It is served four times a week by using an “OpenSkies” B767-200 passenger aircraft.
There is ample belly space on both west-and eastbound sectors for cargo according to IAG Cargo sources.
The emphasis will be on attracting French forwarders who may prefer loading their goods from a more central Paris hub. Textiles, perishables and machinery parts are high on the list.
IAG Cargo will also offer clients their IAG Cargo’s Prioritise Express product on the route.

Time seems to be over for TNT's dominant orange colours at Liege Airport
Time seems to be over for TNT's dominant orange colours at Liege Airport


Liege Airport prepares for FedEx/TNT merger
The government of the Belgian region of Wallonia will invest €20 million allowing Liege Airport to prepare for the merger of FedEx/TNT. According to LGG’s VP Commercial Steven Verhasselt, the airport is cooperating with FedEx for the integration of Liege Airport into the FedEx European network. “This entails FedEx flights operating at LGG and not only the ones operated by ASL (the successor to TNT Airways). Some adjustments are needed on the airside, said Steven. “We have not yet decided on what these will entail, nor what they will cost. We have confirmed to FedEx that LGG will do all that is necessary to answer their requests. At this moment we cannot disclose anything on what these will be and in what way we will respond,” Steven stated further.

Jettainer turns air freight containers into bags
Anyone looking for an out-of-the-way Christmas present may want to take a look at Jettainer’s bags which are produced from decommissioned aircraft container tarpaulins and safety belts.
The company has decided to produce the bags again this year in time for the festive season.
A company called BAG TO LIFE was chosen by Jettainer to distribute and sell the bags as a complement to their portfolio of so called “re-used aviation items.”
The JetBags can be ordered online with them.

e-AWB IATA introduces new Industry Tool
e-AWB Link is the name of the new industry tool launched by IATA, which is basically designed to assist small and medium sized forwarders to handle e-AWBs and hopefully help convince them to join the e.Cargo community.
IATA states that this is a web-based tool that agents can operate to capture and transmit electronic shipment data to their airline partners by using industry standard electronic messages and receive shipment status updates.
The new tool was launched by two forwarders, Panama based Carga Transistmica and France’s, Market. Both had worked closely with IATA during the pilot testing phase.
Forwarders interested in gaining a better insight to the e-AWB Link can find information on IATA’s website.


Kassel Airport wins GLS as cargo client
The German regional airport which is situated about 120km northeast of Frankfurt has been fighting hard to keep its head above water during the past couple of years.
The passenger charter business suffered setbacks when flights to Turkey were canceled due to the political uncertainty.
Kassel’s managers have been looking at trying to establish a cargo operation in order to boost revenues.
Now, Germany’s fourth largest Express Service, GLS, has opted to use Kassel by introducing four weekly flights from Kassel to the United Kingdom. GLS presently uses Paderborn/Lippstadt which is situated 70 km’s from Kassel for this operation. By using Kassel instead, GLS claims to offer a faster service and have up to 25,000 less kilometers road service per annum.

Other Freighter Aircraft news:
SkyBus Cargo, based in Lima, Peru, has just got their first aircraft. This is an aging DC8-73F which was formerly with their U.S.-based parent company, SkyBus Jet Cargo who have their main base in Las Vegas.

NCA, Nippon Cargo Airlines will wet-lease a B747-400F from U.S. carrier Atlas Air. The aircraft will be handed over in January 2017 and is expected to be used on NCA’s transpacific operation between Asia and the United States. NCA has four B747-400F aircraft of its own along with eight B747-8Fs.

FedEx has been handed a further B767-300F from the Boeing factor in, bringing its total B767F fleet up to 42 aircraft. The company still has an order for a further 75 B767 freighters with Boeing. The company also took delivery of a P2F B757-200F which previously flew passengers under United Airlines colours.

DHL Express got itself another B757-200F when it took delivery of an ex-Thomas cook passenger aircraft which was converted for the carrier by Precision Aircraft Solutions in Jacksonville, Florida.

Turkish Airlines, who recently grounded up to 13 of their long-haul passenger aircraft, has leased an Airbus A300-600F from its rival Turkish competitor, MNG Airlines.

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