Europe Lags Behind in Global Air Traffic Rise

The German Board of Airline Representatives (BARIG) in its November statement to its members seems to think that Germany and Europe are lagging behind in participating in the growth of global air traffic.
BARIG estimates that air traffic will double by the year 2035.
That’s only 18 years away.

Figures concern passenger traffic growth
Double passenger growth means more aircraft in the skies which in turn relates to addi-tional cargo capacity throughout the world.
IATA forecasts an almost 5% rise in China alone by 2035.
European and U.S. continental growth will increase also, but only by half of that expected in the African region, Far East and South America.

So what are we meant to be worried about?
BARIG continues to be worried about the so-called restrictive practices in place in the Eu-ropean aviation scene. These, such as fiscal and bureaucratic barriers are forcing airlines to rethink their future route strategies within Europe.
BARIG wants the European governments, especially Germany to quickly dismantle the present restrictions which are costing the airlines dearly.
Furthermore, the aimed for future added restrictions must be taken off the European agenda as these, along with those already in place will endanger the implementation of a real Single European Sky.

If action is not taken then airlines will definitely have a rethink on the viability of European operations and seriously consider placing more emphasis on operating more strongly in other markets.

This discussion has been on the table for some years now in Europe.
It seems however that the gnomes in Brussels don’t want to - or do not understand what the European aviation industry is telling them.

Hopefully BARIG can put additional pressure on those concerned.

John Mc Donagh

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