Luxair CARGO selects HERMES system
The cargo handling division of the Luxair Group which operates Luxembourg’s Cargo Centre has opted for the HERMES Hub Management System in order to enhance its cargo handling operations.
HERMES was one of several bidders for the Luxair Cargo facility Management System update.
It is expected to be rolled out shortly and will according to HERMES and Luxair Cargo allow total process integration and visibility as well as what they see as prioritized steering throughout the hub for cargo destined for outbound flights.
On the other side, inbound cargo breakdown planning will be tuned to shipment priority and proactive problem management.
The new system also provides a dedicated control and monitoring of specialized cargo shipments.

Mallory expands offices and warehouse in Miami
Mallory Alexander International Logistics which has its HQ in Memphis, Tennessee, has now opened new offices and a warehouse in Miami, Florida.
With this move, Mallory aims to participate more in the Miami region’s growing export and import sector.
The new warehouse facility also includes a so-called Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) as well as a Container Freight Station, Bonded Warehouse and an In-Bond Export Consolidator Warehouse.
Tinamarie Newman, COO of Mallory Alexander International Logistics commented that “Miami is an important international gateway located strategically at the crossroads of the Americas - and our new facility will be able to store and handle cargo to and from South America, Central America and the Caribbean.”

Fraport welcomes compensation payment to PIATCO
The recent decision by the Philippine government which ok’d a compensation payment to PIATCO for the expropriated terminal project at Manila airport in which Fraport was also involved, has been welcomed by Fraport’s management.
The Philippine Supreme Court had earlier ruled that the government must pay compensation because it had declared the concession contract with PIATCO as being null and void.
It is understood that PIATCO has already received compensation payments from the Philippine government and has duly also transferred a partial payment to Fraport AG.
Fraport’s share is expected to be in the region of around 270 million U.S. dollars.

Manas Airways adds IL-62 Freighter to the fleet.
Kyrgyzstan's Manas Airways which is based in Bishkek, has taken an unusual step by adding a rather old Russian built Ilyushin IL-62 Freighter to its present small fleet of two Antonov AN-2 freighters.
The aircraft which once belonged to Kazan’s KAPO Aviakompania, which folded up some time ago,has a maximum range of 10.000 km.
The maximum payload of 40 tons spread over 12 main-deck positions and front and rear bulk belly loading, can be carried over a maximum range of around 6.500 km.
It is not clear where Manas expects to operate the aircraft as it is subject to noise and other restrictions in various countries.

This young male rhino will hopefully fulfill his duties in the Australian breeding farm  -  photo: a. hartrodt
This young male rhino will hopefully fulfill his duties in the Australian breeding farm - photo: a. hartrodt

Rare Rhinos fly from Belgium to Australia
The Belgian live animal department of freight agent a. hartrodt recently undertook a special transport for a rare rhino from Belgium to Australia.
The young rhino which weighs in at 1,100 kg was transported from a German zoo to Brussels airport where it was loaded on a Singapore Airlines flight via Singapore to Australia where it will be housed in a special breeding facility.
The young male rhino will hopefully be able to contribute to expanding the rhino population in Australia once he has settled in at the special breeding farm there.
hartrodt Belgium has been specializing in the transport of live animals for the past twenty years and has established itself as a major handler in this niche market.

CEVA to manage Leroy Merlin warehouse and distribution in Italy
Leroy Merlin which claims to be one of the market leaders in specialist home improvement and do-it yourself products, has chosen CEVA Logistics to run its in-house warehouse management and distribution of Leroy Merlin products throughout all of Italy.
The four year contract stipulates that CEVA Logistics will manage Leroy Merlin’s new warehouse at Castel San Giovanni in northern Italy and run the distribution operation of the company’s goods from there into the company’s Italian stores.
In total, 150 staff will be employed there to ensure that Leroy Merlin’s 48 stores throughout Italy will always be restocked with goods. The agreement also includes moving goods to a further 20 locations in Greece, Cyprus and Romania.
The new warehouse has a total of 92,000 square meters and is divided into two key areas. A dedicated cross-docking zone as well as an e-commerce centre.

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