Riege’s “Scope“ Helps Schlimgen to innovate Further

Cologne based CSP Cargo Service Point which is owned by the Schlimgen Logistics Group is restructuring its operations in order to be more effective in meeting future market demands.

Riege Software to provide more innovation
Optimization of all processes takes first priority according to news released late last week by the Schlimgen management.
A complete new software program geared towards better cargo handling has been especially developed by Riege Software International, who are also based near Cologne.
The new software designed for Schlimgen and the CSP daughter company is named SCOPE and is expected to be fully operational by February of 2017.

The Schlimgen managers were convinced earlier this year that their present handling software was by no means good enough to meet the complex process demands of their clients and their own handling structure in the future.
Mr Schlimgen is quoted as saying that the company is in urgent need of a new, integrated system in order to remain competitive.
The decision was then taken to have Riege design, test and implement what will be known as SCOPE throughout the Schlimgen system.

Customs interface of utmost importance 
Due to the fact that cargo handling is directly connected with customs formalities, it is important that the operative side is not only fast and effective, but also fully integrated into the relevant customs systems where the cargo is cleared.
On top of this, a fully automated ‚airline to handler‘ and vice-versa communication is necessary in order to release employees to be able to concentrate better and more effectively with the actual handling processes.

This, and much more, is being built into the SCOPE system according to both Riege and Schlimgen.
Andreas Schlimgen, Managing Director of the group states that “priorities have shifted somewhat lately. Of course faster cargo volume turnover and efficiency play a major role, but the demands and wishes of the airlines and other clients move more and more to better optimization of the complete process chain.“

Benjamin Riege, MD of Riege Software stresses that the SCOPE system is by no means just a so called static software which is put in place and left to do its work.
He states that there will be four annual updates to the complete system, thereby ensuring his client can be on top of the latest developments at all times.
Riege Software was founded in 1985 and concentrates on developing smarter software systems for the cargo industry.
The company which claims to have more than 300 clients has its headquarters in Germany, with offices in Asia, Europe and North America.

John Mc Donagh

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