Qantas Secures New Australia Post Deal

Qantas Freight and the Australia Post Group have concluded a five-year extension of their international mail air freight agreement which at present covers the handling of 12,000 tonnes of mail and parcels out of Australia each year.
Qantas didn't disclose the value of the multi-million dollar deal.

Gareth Evans, CEO of Qantas International and Freight   -  company courtesy
Gareth Evans, CEO of Qantas International and Freight - company courtesy

´The new contract is on top of the A$500 million five-year domestic air freight agreement between the two which included the establishment of a dedicated domestic freighter fleet for Australia Post last July.
With all agreements in place, Qantas Freight has been retained as the largest provider of air freight services for the Australia Post Group.

The deal secures Australia Post global access
As well as continuing to fly international letters, the international agreement includes the handling of international parcels on the Qantas Group’s more than 1500 international flights per week. Interline agreements that Qantas Freight has in place with other carriers ensure the Australia Post Group has worldwide access.
“This partnership sees the Australia Post Group and Qantas Freight well-positioned to support the e-commerce industry, which relies on air freight for express delivery of its steadily increasing volumes of international packages and parcels,” commented Gareth Evans, CEO of Qantas International and Freight.

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