ACS Expands OBC Product in Asia

UK-based Air Charter Service has announced that it has expanded its On Board Courier (OBC) offering in Asia, by establishing a specialist team and network of couriers.
The expansion will be managed by Hugo Liu who will be based in the company’s Hong Kong office.

ACS’s Time Critical Manager, Oliver Weigelt
ACS’s Time Critical Manager, Oliver Weigelt

Air Charter Service relaunched its OBC division a little over a year ago and now the company sees the need to have OBC specialists in Asia, to complement the OBC team at the European headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

Outstanding 2016 expected
Oliver Weigelt, ACS’s Time Critical Manager, said: “This new OBC service is the first in the further regional developments across the globe in the next few years. Asia is a booming market and this local presence will really boost our business in the area. It allows us to have OBC expertise in another of ACS’s offices which, in turn, helps our main team here in Frankfurt immensely."
“We had an outstanding 2015 for On Board Couriers and this year is, so far, proving to be an even better one. We are on course to arrange more than 1,000 OBC jobs in 2016 which, from an almost standing start last spring, is a phenomenal achievement, and we’re very excited about the opportunities that this expansion in Asia brings,” Weigelt concluded.

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