AirX to start B737F operations

AirX Charter which is based in Malta and which has a fleet of ten passenger aircraft, is planning to start a cargo operation with Boeing 737-300F aircraft.
The carrier is reported to have acquired three of these aircraft and the first one is presently undergoing maintenance and repainting before being put into service towards the end of this year.

It is planned that two B737Fs will be used in the cargo charter market with the third as a back-up aircraft or being used for ad-hoc charter work.
The company states that a further two B737Fs will be added to the fleet next year, giving them a total of five freighters.

Chapman crew switched sides
AirX acquired Elite Air, an American carrier based in Saint Petersburg, Florida and speculation is that at least one of the freighters will operate under Elite’s AOC for charter work in the USA under the AirX flag.

Recently, quite a few of the Chapman Freeborn USA management left the company and have joined AirX Express USA with the task of planning and starting up sales and operations in the U.S.
Also, Chapman Freeborn founder, Chris Chapman and his one-time right hand, Carol Norman, have also joined AirX Express USA as advisors to the company.

John Mc Donagh

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