LH Cargo and Thermotraffic Join Forces

Specialist Thermotraffic has taken over fresh-to-door haulage for temperature critical items flown in at Rhine-Main Airport by Lufthansa Cargo. The contract, valid since 1 September, includes the handling and road transportation of such goods from FRA across Europe on behalf of the freight carrier and its local strategic partner 7Days Foodservice.

LH Cargo partners with specialist Thermotraffic  -  courtesy LH Cargo
LH Cargo partners with specialist Thermotraffic - courtesy LH Cargo

This contract signed by Thermotraffic and LH Cargo “is another important step for the development of our air freight related services,” commented the forwarding agent’s Managing Director Falko Thomas after putting his name on the dotted line. In the same breath he assured that his company intends to continue investing in a modern fleet and spend considerable funds in special equipment for offering clients tailored solutions. Because of the accord, additional staff will be hired, thus upping the number of employees at the company’s station at Rhine-Main Airport, the manager announced.

Fast transports are key to maintaining the product’s high quality
According to Thermotraffic estimates, the new deal encompasses an annual transport volume of 14,000 tons of temperature sensitive items.
In everyday practice, the agent cooperates closely with 7Days Foodservice GmbH, a Frankfurt-based LH Cargo partner that specializes in the catering sector, retail and system gastronomy. 
Once the temperature critical goods arrive at the Frankfurt Perishable Center, they are taken over by Thermotraffic and then distributed to their consignees in compliance with the requirements. Perishable shipments such as fruits, vegetables or cut flowers are transported on pallets or special airfreight containers. By employing trailers with a roller bed system, the agent cuts down loading times. In addition to this, Thermotraffic deploys two drivers on longer distances to avoid proscribed rest periods, thus guaranteeing short journey times and rapid delivery of the goods. 

Clients can expect an outstanding service
The products are transported in a temperature-controlled environment, monitored from beginning to end. Generally, the goods are brought directly to their consignees. From Frankfurt, Thermotraffic’s network stretches all over Europe, with the markets in Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Germany and Switzerland being those most served.
“We are happy to have found Thermotraffic, one of the leading specialists in temperature-controlled logistics as a partner,” Oliver Blum, head of the Perishable team at Lufthansa Cargo stresses. He went on to say: “We want to guarantee our customers an outstanding service, a maximum reliability and absolute freshness.”
This objective the carrier supposedly came closer to thanks to the pact with specialist Thermotraffic. 

Heiner Siegmund

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