a. hartrodt Flies Classic Porsche Across the Atlantic with Air Canada

The loading of a classic Porsche at Brussels Airport on board an Air Canada jetliner was an absolute eye-catcher, closely watched by many people at Zaventem International.  
The special transport was organized by the Belgian Branch of forwarding agent a. hartrodt.

Iconic 1965 Porsche 356C prior to being loaded on board an Air Canada aircraft at BRU  -  source: a. hartrodt
Iconic 1965 Porsche 356C prior to being loaded on board an Air Canada aircraft at BRU - source: a. hartrodt

It was quite an unusual mission, initiated by a Canadian afficionado of classic cars. He sent his 1965-built Porsche 356C all the way to Europe by air in order to have it brought into top shape again by specialists at the Porsche Classic Centre in Belgium. Responsible for arranging the transport back home of the one-of-a-kind sports car was the Belgian cargo department of freight forwarder a. hartrodt. 

A challenging job the agent’s staff were facing
Measuring 4.01m in length, 1.67m in width and 1.31m in height the automobile had to be meticulously prepared for the journey as belly cargo in Air Canada’s passenger jetliner. The famous car, weighing 906 kilograms was carefully strapped to a specially made, low, but sturdy pallet construction so that it would fit through the rather narrow aircraft cargo hold.
“The Porsche Centre Brussels Classic executed this special assignment with great pleasure. It was followed through by us right from the car’s departure from the premises of the Porsche Centre until it landed in Montreal and the key was turned by the owner to hear the engine roar,” said Philippe Fierens, Director, a. hartrodt (Belgium) airfreight n.v.


Demanding niche market
The Belgian branch of agent a.hartrodt has transported special cargo such as vintage and classic cars for nearly twenty years. In a press release, the company emphasizes that it has accumulated a wealth of experience and has professionally trained personnel that know well how to deal with such beautiful, but also sensitive pieces of cargo. “We plan the transport and special handlings in detail and carry out such valuable assignments with the utmost care,” stresses manager Fierens.
Jens Roemer, Regional Managing Director Belgium, France and Switzerland of a. hartrodt speaks of a true niche market. “The handling of such valuable automobiles requires special know-how and people with dedication and passion for their job. I am proud that a. hartrodt has such staff,” he said.

1887-founded logistics firm a. hartrodt, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany employs 1,900 staff and runs offices in more than 40 countries. The agent offers an extensive range of air freight and ocean freight related services, including customs clearance, project logistics, cross trades and warehousing.

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