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We issued an article a couple of weeks ago on air cargo training for newcomers wishing to get jobs in the cargo handling market.
We continue this week, somewhat along a different track.


CargoForwarder Global takes a look at the ‘asa academy’ which is a training organization set up by the ‘airport services association’ (asa) with the aim of ‘training the professional.’

Celebi’s Samim Aydin chairs the airport services association (asa)
Celebi’s Samim Aydin chairs the airport services association (asa)

asa continues to increase membership
When asa was set up some years ago as successor to the International Aviation Handlers Association (IAHA), there were not that many members from the aviation ground handlers scene yet on board.
In the meantime, the organization, chaired by Celebi’s Samim Aydin, now can boast around 70 full time members from all walks of the airport ground handling community.
Members range from airport handlers, suppliers and affiliated companies who are active in supporting ground handling.

asa’s objectives are to be the recognized organization for international ground handlers by offering a professional networking platform for all market players.
They are also working hard with IATA to become an equal partner within the IATA working groups.
Another aspect of asa’s activities is to endeavor to give added value to members by establishing new services and products, one of which is the important ‘ground damage reporting tool’ which when implemented by members can result in high cost savings.
Regular meetings are held with the various working groups in the organization and board meetings are generally centred around important aviation get-togethers where many of asa’s members are also present.
The working group management responsibilities are split up among the different board members.
The cargo working group is headed by Barry Nassberg, COO of Worldwide Flight Services.

Reto Gasser and his team are setting up an asa training program
Reto Gasser and his team are setting up an asa training program

asa academy gets on the road
In June of this year asa services Ltd was set up and the asa academy was launched with its headquarters in Brugg, near Zurich / Switzerland. Reto Gasser as Managing Director together with industry professionals Michael Thuersam and Thomas Frischknecht have been tasked with setting up an asa training program which is open to all members and others as well in order to support the industry in the fields of training and consulting.

Reto is convinced that the new academy can be a leading instrument in the realization and implementation of customer-orientated and cost effective training as well as offering other business related services.
The thinking behind this is to ensure that the ground handling professionals become even more attuned to the needs of the industry and carry on and pass their knowledge down the line to the future handling generation.

Differentiated programs and contents
It is planned to hold three separate academy courses which will also be spread over three consecutive years.
They are:

  • Aviation Security Professional
  • Ground Handling Management Professional
  • Safety & Quality Professional

asa Academy Award
Mandatory are:

  • Aviation Security
  • Internal Auditor
  • Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA/SLA)
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Safety Management Systems

Upon completion, successful participants then receive the asa academy award.

The asa board of directors fully supports this new training plan and sees it as being essential for the industry professionals in a period where rules, regulations and trends are changing constantly.

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