A fairytale about Perception and Reality.***
Personal remarks made by our contributor Michael Taweel about an airport that vacillates between hope and fear.

Comedy or Tragedy? Everyone involved in the sale of HAHN Airport has a vested interest in the sale (and what comes after) going well, I hope. Nevertheless critical voices keep getting louder adding to the uncertainty, which has been decisive for the companies that have fled the beautiful nest, in the recent past. Portraying the challenges Hahn faces as unsurmountable is a distortion – especially considering the unique nature of this sale, more so when the strategic potential and logistical value of
Hahn Airport has been severely underrepresented. The companies at Frankfurt International Airport face similar economic and market challenges, operational size notwithstanding. The turbulent history of Hahn shows that there are groups, companies and individuals who do not want Hahn to be successful and others who are ambivalent but fighting for survival nonetheless. In this battle of distorted perceptions, hopefully reality will win.

Which finger?
Finger pointing has become a competitive sport, where accuracy is secondary to speed only adding a new level of confusion to an already unique story. Alternatively, the professional companies at the airport have been shaking hands (not pointing fingers), working together – in the face of overwhelming odds. They are finding ways to survive satisfy shareholders, financial institutions as well as keep staff and community motivated in spite of the fair-weather political support.
Their efforts as well as their patience should be applauded but what they need is real support – now!
Active involvement in any further developments would be a good start. The amount of knowledge, experience that the professional sector possesses would be invaluable in any process – be it the sale or the sustainable development of the airport and the surrounding region. It is understandable why business leaders are not wasting time pointing fingers; it is also understandable if those same business leaders were to now choose a slightly different finger when discussing the starring roles in this seemingly never-ending story.

The potential must be exploited
Once upon a time, there was a humble regional airport, which had served its country with honor and wanted nothing more than to go to the Grand Ball. The airport worked very hard all day and night always dreaming of the ball, as the wicked stepmother and wicked stepsisters tried their best to make sure that these dreams would remain just dreams… This story has a lot of actors and has become a popular bedtime story for parents in the Hunsrueck area, and now dominates regional and national news as well. Starring: Prince Charming, Jaq and Gus, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, Drizella a Fairy Godmother and Cinderella just to name a few. New ownership or new leadership, a vision that makes sense, implemented by the dedicated people working there – it does sound like a fairytale.
I have been a part of the Hahn family for many years and know that the potential for success is already there. This treasure has now to be brought to the surface.

Michael Taweel

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