AF-KL Cargo and Delta Cargo Deepen Ties Further

Effective June 1, the entire DL Cargo sales activities and customer service matters in Germany and France were transited to Air France-KLM Cargo. “By moving to an integrated joint venture sales organization we are able to profit from the knowledge and experience of the AF-KL and DL Cargo staff,” states Gert Jan Roelands, VP Area Europe for AF-KL Cargo.

Gert Jan Roelands, VP Area Europe at AF-KL Cargo  -  courtesy KL
Gert Jan Roelands, VP Area Europe at AF-KL Cargo - courtesy KL

The move follows the transition of Delta Cargo responsibilities to Air France-KLM Cargo in Belgium last month, in line with their one roof strategy within their transatlantic joint venture commercial and operational framework. The airlines’ customers will benefit from easier single drop-off and collection points as well as an extensive route network, reads a joint release.

Integration pays off
Delta Cargo and Air France Cargo began the one roof initiative at Paris-Charles de Gaulle in February 2015 to offer better value for customers and enhance the competitive position of the Delta/Air France-KLM and Alitalia partnership. According to the carriers, transit times of shipments moving between flights and trucks have been improved, allowing customers to drop off and recover their goods in the same location for all three carriers. 
The successive integration of sales and services rendered by the carriers further cements their cooperation in the context of their North Atlantic Joint Venture (NAJV), offering the market metal neutral capacity. “We aim to provide our customers a service where in general it really doesn’t matter if their goods are flown on board a Delta, Air France or KLM aircraft since our operational processes from the hubs are all aligned. Our goal is to offer metal neutral solutions for our customers from these stations, stresses Gert Jan.


Aligning processes comes first
Which European sub-market stands next on the agenda to follow the examples of Belgium France and Germany, he doesn’t tell. Before further widening the scope and integrating other stations, it is important to even further align and enhance our joint processes.
He adds to this that AF-KL Cargo recently launched a state-of-the-art track and trace tool for all flights operated at CDG and AMS for both AF-KL but also the DH operated flights. “This is a good example how we offer a seamless JV experience to our clients
Last word from Kristin Colvile, Managing Director – Delta Cargo Revenue Management and Sales Development: “As we progress towards a fully-integrated AF/KL/DL sales force in Europe, we will provide our customers with a combined transatlantic network. It covers all major cargo markets in the U.S. and Europe, offering more flexibility and convenience with a one-stop shop for all their cargo needs.”

Heiner Siegmund

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