DUS Cargo Presents Their New M&S Manager

After Thomas Schuermann departed after a long term as its Marketing & Sales Manager, DUS Cargo’s top man, Gerton Hulsman, was on the lookout for a suitable replacement for Thomas who had contributed much to the growth of DUS Cargo at the North Rhine-Westphalia airport.

DUS Cargo is headed by a Dutch-Iranian duo. Gerton Hulsman (left) and his new M&S manager Ali Babolsari.
DUS Cargo is headed by a Dutch-Iranian duo. Gerton Hulsman (left) and his new M&S manager Ali Babolsari.

Ali Babolsari takes up the reins
The new cargo Marketing & Sales Manager is no stranger to the aviation business.
Mr Ali Babolsari has taken up the reins at DUS Cargo and in an interview with CargoForwarder Global he stated that he is looking forward to the new challenge and is sure that he will be able to contribute further to DUS Cargo’s growth in the future.

Ali Babolsari was born in Tehran in 1981 and moved with his parents to Germany when he was just three years old.
Ali, who is a German citizen went to school in Dusseldorf and started his aviation career in 1981 when he moved into the so-called tourist sales and airline reservations sector.
In 2005, he then joined the general aviation scene where he gathered much experience in aircraft operations and handling.

The Iranian market is in his sights
Mr Babolsari, who also speaks fluent Farsi, the Iranian national language, also spent some time working for the Iranian charter carrier, Mahan Air and most recently, until their fold-up, as manager for the Libyan carrier, Afriqiyah Airways.

The recent new developments in the Iranian aviation sector are high on Ali’s list of priorities for expanding cargo operations at DUS Airport.
He is confident that DUS cargo can make inroads into this lucrative market in the future.
His knowledge of Iranian commerce and language abilities, will he thinks give him an ideal opportunity to try and place DUS Cargo into the future air cargo scene to and from Iran.

Mr Babolsari has much to accomplish at DUS Cargo in the future despite the fact that the airport’s cargo operation and sales has come a long way in the past few years.
He states that competition is tough and the cargo department has to continue to be on the outlook for new product sectors and an additional customer base.

We wish Ali lots of good luck.

John Mc Donagh

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