Brambles to Invest Heavily in CHEP Aerospace & IFCO

Brambles the Australian global supply chain logistics company with its headquarters in Sydney and which has their main operations through their subsidiaries CHEP Aerospace and IFCO, says it will invest up to US$1 billion in the coming years to expand and attain their market presence.

CHEP Aerospace will greatly benefit from the mega investment announced by its parent company Brambles
CHEP Aerospace will greatly benefit from the mega investment announced by its parent company Brambles

Brambles lays value in reduced carbon emissions
The company claims that since 2010 they have reduced carbon emissions by 20 percent and has sourced 97 percent of their wood products from so-called certified sources.
Brambles operates primarily through its CHEP and IFCO brands and it is assumed that a large part of the planned five year investment sum will go a long way to further improving the products and standing of both companies.

The framework for Brambles 2020 Sustainability Goals is centered around three main areas.

  • Better Planet, which aims at zero deforestation, zero emissions and zero waste.
  • Better Business, in order to ensure better working conditions, more collaboration, and enhanced supply chains.
  • Better Communities. This is aimed at helping communities through environmental and food security education.

This according to Brambles will lead to enhancing performance for their customers by helping them to transport goods through their supply chains more efficiently, sustainably and safely.

CHEP signs ULD management agreement with CargoLogicAir
CHEP Aerospace, which already supplies ULD’s to AirBridgeCargo Airlines has now signed an agreement with the UK-based CargoLogicAir for ULD management of the Volga-Dnepr daughter company.
The agreement caters for a significant increase in the number of ULDs to be provided and network stations covered within the next few years, the release states.

Gary Lewis, CLA’s Director of Ground Operations says “as a new carrier with plans to become one of Europe’s leading cargo airlines, we need a trusted ULD partner that can ensure both product and service quality to enable us to meet our customer’s expectations and focus on growing our business. We are confident that in CHEP we have chosen a partner that can meet all of our expectations.”

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