FRA Air Cargo Community Strives for Further Growth

The Air Cargo Community Frankfurt it seems is growing further and adding new members.
LATAM Airlines, FCS Frankfurt Cargo Services and ‘frankfurt road cargo’ are the latest firms which have signed up as members of ACCF.
Maybe it won’t be too long until the ACCF mirrors the organization of their counterparts / competitor - Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

Joachim von Winning  -  photo: hs
Joachim von Winning - photo: hs

Aim is to drive innovation for air cargo at Frankfurt
The managers of the Community are stressing the point that those 38 companies now on board are cooperating closely and confidently within the community as well as outside of it.
One of the main themes or projects on hand is what they term as the world’s first benchmarking exercise which will show Frankfurt cargo’s performance as a location in comparison to its competitors. It is hoped that the results of this exercise will lead to FRA working closer to gain a competitive edge among airports.
The group is also striving hard to complete their CEIV-Pharmaceutical-Certification in FRA.
This will hopefully be achieved in the very near future.

Some were skeptical in the beginning as to whether the ACCF would ever get off the ground due to a possible lack of interest of the various organizations working together.
This according to Joachim von Winning, ACCF’s Executive Director, is quite the contrary.
He recently stated that “the nature of cooperation in the Air Cargo Community Frankfurt is something quite special. Corporate boundaries are of little consequence to joint success. Instead we combine the expertise and strengths of each player within the airfreight chain and are bringing those to new products and processes”

Wise words! - “but the proof of the pudding is in the eating”
In the past the FRA cargo community was not known for its innovative or working-together attitude and the distance between shippers, forwarders, carriers and the aviation regulatory bodies was anything but close.
But things are changing for the better it seems and if the present momentum is kept up and really innovative themes come to fruition, then there is a long lasting future for the ACCF.

The LATAM Group was convinced to join, and this is no small feat.
Being the largest Latin American group of airlines, LATAM with its members from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Columbia, Peru and Brazil with a large cargo capacity within its joint 328 aircraft fleet is seen as being one of the largest groups in the aviation business.

By winning Frankfurt Cargo Services (FCS), the Community gains international cargo handling know-how through the mother company, Worldwide Flight Services, almost overnight.
The frankfurt road cargo gmbh, although still being a relatively small member with a fleet of ten trucks, is also specialized in transporting refrigerated and frozen cargo and adds “new blood” into the organization.

John Mc Donagh

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