CHEP Aerospace Contract Extensions – Proof of Customer Satisfaction

One of the industry’s leading provider of Unit Load Devices (ULD’s) pool-ing and repair services, CHEP Aerospace, announced at this year’s World Cargo Symposium that it has been successful in extending partnerships with two of its main clients.

Dr.Ludwig Bertsch, CHEP (standing right) & Franco Nanna, Cargolux  -  courtesy CHEP
Dr.Ludwig Bertsch, CHEP (standing right) & Franco Nanna, Cargolux - courtesy CHEP

Cargolux extends partnership until 2020
The Luxembourg-based all-cargo airline, Cargolux, which has been a CHEP customer since 2009, has signed an early extension of the present contract between both compa-nies for the complete ULD management of the airline until 2020.

Cargolux with its 26 Boeing 747 freighters is one of CHEP’s largest clients.
The carrier has more than 12,000 ULD’s in services and there are plans to increase this number to around 17,000 units during the next few years.
CHEP supplies Cargolux with all their containers and aircraft pallets worldwide.
The airline carries up to 900,000 tonnes on their freighters to more than 90 destinations.

Franco Nanna, CV’s Director Global Logistics Services, on signing the contract extension stated that “in the past seven years, our airline has grown significantly, and during our partnership, CHEP has always proven its ability to flexibly adjust our monthly ULD stock in line with our cargo demand.”

CHEP’s President, Dr. Ludwig Bertsch added, “we are very proud that we have extended our partnership with one of Europe’s largest and most renowned airlines, and from next year, also look forward to supplying ULD’s for the entire Cargolux Group’s flights.”
This, we assume means also those for the new “Cargolux China” fleet as well.

SAS also extends its partnership with CHEP
Scandinavia’s largest airline group, SAS, announced on March 15th that they will extend their present ULD management agreement with CHEP for a further five years.
The new agreement is said to give SAS substantial added benefits.
The carrier will transition to using CHEP’s new lightweight containers throughout its en-tire system. The containers, which weigh only 65 kgs are said to be 20 percent lighter than those being used in SAS’s existing ULD fleet.
SAS claim that they will be a perfect match for their new modern aircraft fleet and will re-duce CO2 emissions by over 13,000 tonnes during the five year contracted period.

“Never change a winning team,” says SAS’s Head of Network and Revenue Manage-ment, Kenneth Fuhrmann. “The decision to extend our ULD management partnership with CHEP wasn’t a difficult one,” he adds.

John Mc Donagh

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