Cargo 2000 Renamed and Adds New Members

The rebranding of Cargo 2000 (C2K) was made public at last week’s World Cargo Symposium in Berlin. The C2K brand has now been changed into‚ ‘Cargo iQ’ as part of what is termed a strategic transformation program.

Cargo iQ which has 82 members also started what it calls a Smart Data Project and a new audit and certification scheme. This project is meant to add 110 million lines of performance data per annum to its members, which allows them to additionally improve processes and add more value.
Cargo iQ also announced the addition of new members to the group. The largest being Emirates SkyCargo along with Brussels Airport, Vienna Airport, Frankfurt Airport and CargoAware which is a division of Franwell.
The new audit and certification scheme is focused on giving the Cargo iQ Quality Management System Certification a larger international recognition.
In 2015, C2K measured ten million airport-to-airport and 5.5 million door-to-door shipments, thus enabling members to take action where necessary to improve internal processes.

Swissport manager Daniel Setz  -  source: hs
Swissport manager Daniel Setz - source: hs

Green, orange and red bars
The question raised by many while Cargo 2000’s steering group members Ariaen Zimmerman, Max Sauberschwarz and Nick Careen explained the urgency for rebranding a product set up almost 20 years ago, was that if this is all just old wine in a new jug.
It’s not, stated Daniel Setz, Senior VP Head of Global Cargo Operations at Swissport because Cargo iQ is a sophisticated tool to measure processes very efficiently and pro-actively. “We measure each shipment at AWB level from its arrival at our warehouses until departure to keep track of it. Should delays occur during build-up processes our monitors give an alert by displaying first an orange and – should nothing change – ultimately a red bar. In both cases we can react immediately and bring additional staff to that station to get the process back up in time.”

Performance comparisons
Daniel further points out the greater transparency Cargo iQ offers the industry by enabling players to compare their performance with those of their competitors. One result he had already on hand: “At our Amsterdam station the throughput time of shipments averages four hours. This beats all other contenders by one hour.”

Closing remarks from Glyn Hughes, IATA’s Global Head of Cargo:
“Cargo iQ marks the start of a new chapter. The air cargo industry continues to face enormous challenges and in order to fulfil the value proposition demanded by shippers, we must focus much more on delivering quality.”
He went on to say: “Cargo iQ’s new approach to benchmarking and the use of smart data will help ensure we can indeed meet that objective.” 
Hopefully, Glyn’s fine words are followed by real action!

John Mc Donagh  /  Heiner Siegmund

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