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The 7th TL China in Shanghai (14-16 June) wants to attract a lot more Chinese exhibitors as well as visitors, compared to previous events. Instrumental in reaching this target is “PeriLog”, a special trade show (under the TL umbrella) presenting new developments in cool chain and transport solutions. Furthermore, Air Cargo China, the trade show’s core product, will expand significantly.

At the 2014-held Air Cargo China European exhibitors dominated the show. This might change next June with more Chinese companies booking stands  -  pictures: Messe Muenchen
At the 2014-held Air Cargo China European exhibitors dominated the show. This might change next June with more Chinese companies booking stands - pictures: Messe Muenchen

So far, both Transport Logistic China and Air Cargo China stuck in a loop reminiscent of the famous comedy ‘Groundhog Day’: European enterprises dominated all previously held TL China fairs, particularly German companies, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all exhibitors that booked a stand. It is no wonder that the Shanghai show looked like a smaller version of Munich’s large Transport Logistik. The organizer, Messe Muenchen, operates both, rotating annually. However, while TL Munich becomes bigger and more attractive each time, Shanghai lagged behind.
This year, however, it seems like the Shanghai show is stepping out the shadows, gaining new attention and drawing power.

Enhancing the appeal
The concept for achieving this sounds rather simple: by bringing in more Chinese and Asian exhibitors and attracting local visitors the event will become a genuine Far East trade show. If the concept works and TL China swings open its doors next June, the dominance of European exhibitors might come to an end for the first time in 14 years.
“The first market reactions to our new concept are extremely encouraging,” states Gerhard Gerritzen, Managing Director of Messe Muenchen. Gerhard is convinced that once more Chinese transport firms participate in Shanghai’s trade show, the interest of local visitors will rise sharply, thus catapulting the fair into new dimensions.
Currently the booking numbers are climbing steeply, surpassing the 2014 figures considerably at this early stage, he says.


Great hopes being pinned on PeriLog
A key tool to boost exhibitor and visitor numbers is “PeriLog”, a special fair organized and executed by Transport Logistic China, the umbrella organization. It targets companies involved in transporting or storing temperature sensitive products like pharmaceuticals, vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat and other perishables that need cooling from point A to Z. Producers of specialized equipment or packaging firms producing boxes and packages equipped with passive thermal protection to safeguard the transport of temp sensitive goods have also been invited.  
“According to findings, about 30 percent of all perishables moved within China get spoiled during transportation, causing enormous economic damage!” Gerritzen emphasizes. This can be blamed on the poor infrastructure in the hinterlands and on the lack of knowledge of the people dealing with perishables.

Gerhard Gerritzen
Gerhard Gerritzen

A lot still needs to be done
This makes it all the more important that as many companies as possible engaged in cool chain matters gather in Shanghai, to find technical and operational solutions and exchange views on how to improve the transport of these goods.
“This is a wide field where still an awful lot needs to be done,” states manager Gerritzen. Having said that, he points out that complementing, both Transport Logistic China and Air Cargo China, are specialized conferences, where experts will present new concepts, business models and market studies. This objective is also supported by the organizer’s (TL China) newly established cooperation with China Communications and Transportation Association (CCTA), to not only promote the Shanghai show but to offer additional events parallel to the fair. “This way, we hope to enhance the attractiveness of Transport Logistic China and Air Cargo China even further,” says Gerhard.

Air Cargo China is flourishing
Asked about the latter he says that ACC’s development is outstanding. “At this point in time exhibitors have already committed to rent 25 percent more floor space than they did prior to the 2014 show.” According to Gerhard, the main cargo carriers have already committed to attend the Shanghai event, be it Cargolux, Air China Cargo, Emirates, Saudia or Etihad. Additionally, airplane manufacturer Boeing will be there, Amsterdam Airport as well as a large number of forwarding agents. “We have increased Air Cargo China’s floor space by 25 percent in response to high demand,” the manager announces.

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