ASL Aviation J/V Partner Quikjet Boosts Cargo Capacity in India

Quikjet Airlines, the new Indian domestic start-up cargo carrier, based in Bengalura and which is a joint venture with the ASL Aviation Group, who has its HQ in Dublin, has acquired a Boeing 737-400SF aircraft in order to start operations.


Very few freighters on the Indian register
It is strange that India which is the seventh largest economy in the world and which has an enormous air cargo potential, only has just seven freighter aircraft under Indian registration. None of these operates on international routes.
Quikjet Airlines a relatively new carrier in India and which is a joint venture with the ASL Aviation Group, plans to serve various internal destinations.
They have just announced that a Boeing 737-400SF freighter has been placed as their first aircraft to the fleet to initially connect Delhi, Chennai, Bengalura and Hyderabad airports.
The aircraft which has a payload of 21.2 tons spread over 11 positions is planned to operate four daily flights between the above mentioned airports.
In a second phase, Mumbai and Kolkata will be added.
Quikjet Airlines received its Air operators certificate (AOC) in early February.

The new service is being marketed and handled by Sovika Aviation which is a Mumbai-based so called Airport-to-Airport Logistics specialist.
Sovika is active in aircraft leasing, ground handling, operations and air charters.
The new addition to Quikjet’s fleet will also be available for charters which will be sold through Sovika.

Will further aircraft be added to the fleet?
The ASL Aviation Group which also has operations in France, Switzerland and Hungary might well be interested in helping to expand Quikjet’s fleet further.
There is plenty of potential for domestic and regional air cargo transport in India, but regretfully very little interest in investing there by Indian companies.
ASL’s CEO, Hugh Flynn welcomes the launch of Quikjet operations and stated that “ Quikjet will now offer a neutral cargo service and as it grows it aims to serve multiple customers, airlines, business and industry to help enable growth, competitiveness and customer service.”
That sounds like future support.

John Mc Donagh

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