Cologne Airport Shows Good Results for 2015

Another year of satisfying results for Cologne-Bonn Airport.
Passenger and cargo figures were up on those of 2014 and Michael Garvens, CGN’s CEO is confident that especially the passenger figures for 2016 will show a further increase.

Michael Garvens heads CGN since 2002  -  company courtesy
Michael Garvens heads CGN since 2002 - company courtesy

Cargo results show an increase
Whereas other German airports were forced to report declining tonnages, CGN cargo has held steadfast and even shows a slight tonnage increase over 2014.
A total of 758,000 tons passed through the airport in 2015 and this represents a slight increase of 0.4 percent on the previous year. This is an all-time high as far as tonnage generated is concerned for CGN.
The gradual increase in Eurowings long haul flights during 2016 should go quite some way to increasing export and import tonnage further at CGN Airport.

Rosy 2016 perspective
The aircraft movements in Cologne have risen steadily for the past years.
Much of this is thanks to the increase in flights operated by budget airlines such as Ryanair and Eurowings.

Take-offs and landing in CGN increased by 4 percent over 2014 to almost 129,000.
CGN’s record year was 2007 where almost 17 percent more flight movement were recorded.
The increased budget carrier flights are reflected in the almost 10 percent increase in passengers handled in CGN in 2014. They totaled 10.3 million which was slightly less than the record 10.47 million passengers back in 2007.

2016 results look rosy for the CGN cargo and passenger management.

John Mc Donagh

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