BREAKING NEWS - FCS Appoints Hans-Georg Emmert as New M.D.

Fraport Cargo Services will in the near future be renamed as “Frankfurt Cargo Services” with a logo which aligns itself to its new majority shareholder, Worldwide Flight Services (WFS).
The shareholders have also appointed a new Managing Director for FCS as of 1 December.

Hans-Georg Emmert  -  courtesy Fraport
Hans-Georg Emmert - courtesy Fraport

Hans-Georg Emmert takes up the reins
Mr Emmert is a long-standing member of the Fraport Cargo Services team and until now was responsible for Sales and Marketing at the Frankfurt headquarters.
Georg started his cargo career in airline sales before joining FCS many years ago. 
He is a well-known and much respected member of the German air cargo community and during the past years has put much effort into bringing the Fraport Cargo Services product to where it is today.

New manager - new name
The decision to appoint Hans- Georg Emmert to the position of M.D at the “new” Frankfurt Cargo Services is in line with the WFS policy of running its stations abroad with local management who in their view have a much better feel for the local business environment.
It is also planned that the new company will be renamed as, Frankfurt Cargo Services (see attached logo which is still subject to official registry conditions) in the very near future.

New joint WFS / FCS logo
New joint WFS / FCS logo

Hans-Georg Emmert is proud of his appointment as M.D. at FCS and commented that: “I am very honoured by this appointment and I will do my utmost to push forward the development of the new company emerging from the strategic partnership of WFS and Fraport AG.”
He adds further that “we want our customers to benefit from our new situation within a global network, and we will continue with our high performance and service which also complies with the main targets of WFS.”

Mr Emmert succeeds Andreas Helfer as M.D. and it is assumed that Mr Helfer will take up another position within the Fraport AG management.

John Mc Donagh

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    Gerton Hulsman (Wednesday, 02 December 2015 12:59)

    With the appointment of Hans Georg FCS made the right decision! A higly professional and integer individual
    I wish him all the best in his future role,