PCCW Launches "HOP" Lockers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's media and telecommunications conglomerate, PCCW has launched a network of automated lockers to store parcels across Hong Kong as part of its “last-mile” logistics support for e-commerce merchants.
The new service, marketed under the brand House of Parcels (or “HOP!”), enables consumers to pick up their orders made online from a number of locker stations around the clock.

Hong Kong's HOP! parcel locker system  -  company courtesy
Hong Kong's HOP! parcel locker system - company courtesy

The postal lockers, which will initially be available in 23 residential and commercial locations, measure 2.4 metres high, 3.5m wide and 70 centimetres deep. They are equipped with three closed-circuit television cameras. Each platform has 54 lockers, configured into 12 small, 36 medium and 6 large-sized compartments.

4.5 million parcels are handled each month
Logistics support for e-commerce companies has become a major business for courier companies in Hong Kong, where some 120,000 e-commerce parcels each day were handled last year, a South China Morning Post report said. Adding that in March last year, Hong Kong-based CX Courier formed a partnership with European firm Group to roll out a network of automated parcel lockers across the city. The partnership estimates the size of the overall Hong Kong delivery market at 4.5 million parcels a month.
Parcel lockers have been available in Singapore since 2013 when Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) launched the POP Station or "Pick Own Parcel Station," enabling customers to collect their parcels in their own time. In May this year, SingPost introduced its 100th POP Station.

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