Oliver to Speed up the Flight of Matternet Drones

Swiss WorldCargo’s former Chief Oliver Evans has become Matternet’s new Head of Global Business Development. Based in Menlo Park, California Matternet has developed into a leading provider of autonomous drone logistics systems for urgent deliveries of mail and parcels over the last mile in predominantly remote areas. Only last April, under Oliver’s stewardship the Swiss cargo carrier and the UAV provider teamed up to start a drone test series in the Swiss Alps.

Oliver Evans changes sides  -  picture hs
Oliver Evans changes sides - picture hs

That’s quite a change of sides! From now on Oliver Evans, who exited Swiss only at the end of September after running their cargo unit for 12 long years, will sit on the other side of the table when it comes to negotiating mutually conducted future drone projects targeted by the cargo carrier and the developer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). However, for observers his step comes as little surprise since the former Chief Cargo Officer of Swiss International Air Lines was always one of the cargo industry’s key drivers when it came to testing and implementing new technical solutions to improve transportation and take the air freight business to the next level.

Visionary thinking
“Oliver is one of the most recognized leaders in global air logistics. His visionary thinking, vast industry experience and track record in executing sharply focused go-to-market strategies is a huge asset to Matternet,” states the firm’s CEO and founder Andreas Raptopoulos.
The 2011 incepted UAV provider is specialized on-demand drone logistics, focusing on business opportunities in central Europe and the USA, particularly around diagnostics and last-mile healthcare deliveries, together with humanitarian logistics in developing economies whose transport infrastructure is often still poor.

Drones will massively affect the transport world
Now it’s Oliver’s job to spearhead this strategy, developing Matternet’s business model further and market the company’s first product, Matternet ONE, predominantly in Europe and the U.S. The clientele include logistics and healthcare firms in Europe and the USA, alongside humanitarian organizations in developing countries.
“The advantages of deploying drone systems and solutions in specific industries are already becoming evident and will have a massive impact. Targeting these highly specialized segments requires extensive knowledge of customers and markets, sophisticated service, and mutual trust,” states Oliver Evans. Excited with the challenges ahead, he adds “building excellent customer relations and working closely with regulatory authorities is key to continue opening such markets for Matternet.”   Oliver will be based in Switzerland, taking advantage of the country’s easy access to the key central European market and its concentration of globally leading pharmaceutical companies.

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