Turkey's PTT in e-Commerce Tie-up With Turkish Airlines

Turkey’s national post office PTT said it will partner with Turkish Airlines in a move to expand its logistics operations overseas. However, the intended move depends on adjustments of laws.

PTT chairman Harun Maden
PTT chairman Harun Maden

Harun Maden, PTT chairman and general manager, was quoted by local media as saying that "classic postal services are declining, as consumers use the Internet. But the increase in package deliveries from e-Commerce allows us to compensate for this decline.”
He went on to say that PTT will partner with Turkish Airlines, which has one of the most important flight networks, including 279 destinations around the world, to create a new company for goods transport and package deliveries.

Becoming a significant marketing platform
However, Maden stressed that changes in legislation and regulations governing Turkey’s postal sector would be necessary before PTT can proceed with its plans.
“We are unable to support our activities in this area with the necessary funding and marketing due to incomplete legislation and lack of infrastructure for our company. So proceeds have been relatively weak. But after the completion of legislation, e-PTTavm.com will become a significant marketing platform,” Maden said.

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