Schiphol Wants to Remove Impediments in Pharma Logistics

The Pharma Logistics working group within the umbrella organization Air Cargo Netherlands has identified the ground handlers as the missing link in the set up of a closed chain.

Picture: MS
Picture: MS

After a visit to the two participating ground handlers, Swissport and WFS, the working group has taken stock of the steps that would enable the companies to become compliant. The conclusions were communicated to both of them. Swissport and WFS will now investigate in what way the recommendations can be integrated into their respective organizations.

Brand name
The CAN working group is also working on a common branding for Pharma logistics at Schiphol Airport, in close collaboration with airport operator Schiphol Group. The working group was set up as Schiphol became increasingly aware of the fact that it was being bypassed by Brussels Airport, Luxembourg and Frankfurt in this niche.

In the near future the cargo community hopes to be able to give more details on the chose design for this campaign. So far, the cargo community seems reluctant to adopt the concept developed by IATA and Brussels Airport of a certified programme (Centre of Excellence, Pharma/CEIV Pharma).

Marcel Schoeters in Brussels

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