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Eric Malitzke, former Director Operations at Amazon Distribution GmbH has exited the Seattle-headquartered online store, becoming CEO of logistics firm Fiege (Switzerland) AG. His new employer is one of the big players in air freight within Switzerland. A business Eric is very familiar with since he once headed Leipzig/Halle Airport before he switched over to DHL Express becoming the packaging company’s Vice President Hubs and Gateways in Germany. Now he’s taken on a new mission.

Eric Malitzke  -  source DHL
Eric Malitzke - source DHL

From rumor to fact
What had only been rumoured during the last couple of days was indirectly confirmed to CargoForwarder Global last week by credible sources close to his move in the corridors of the Berlin-held BVL Logistics Congress: 41-year old Eric Malitzke has taken up the position as Chief Executive Officer at Fiege Switzerland. He’s already in office since 1 October, without his new employer announcing Eric’s appointment officially, for whatever reason.

No connection under this number
We tried to approach the manager for a brief interview to obtain details of his new role as Switzerland’s Fiege Chief. However, he was not available for any statement.
Fiege, founded in 1873 is anything but a no name company in the logistics arena. The company offers the entire product range within global supply chains, whether by air, sea or surface transport. Although concentrating on Europe and Asia, the firm enables its clients access to nearly all markets either through its own network of offices or by partnering with local agents.

Pharma and more
Basel-headquartered Fiege Switzerland is primarily focusing its activities on pharma and life science items as the northern part of Switzerland is traditionally one of the main global production sites of the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Furthermore, e-Commerce, automotive, textile transports, valuables and the entire range of consumer goods are other strongholds of the Alp country’s Fiege business.
A number of well-known brands rely on Fiege’s wide-span logistics services, among them Puma, Airbus Helicopters, Pirelli, Bosch and Jack Wolfskin.

Strong cargo roots
So a lot to do for Eric to not only keep the business running but gaining additional clients and driving his new employer’s activities further ahead. Of help will surely be his intimate knowledge of the air freight industry obtained as former head of Leipzig Airport and during his time at DHL Express. Also, his lasting commitment in a number of cargo related organizations, the network and personal relations arising thereof shouldn’t be of disadvantage in his new demanding role as CEO of Fiege Switzerland.
We wish him, his wife Tanja and their three children all the best in their new Swiss environment.

Heiner Siegmund

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