TIACA Calls For More Innovation

TIACA’s new management continues along the road of trying to inspire the airline industry to become more innovative and competitive.
This will be a main theme for TIACA’s bosses at the Paris  Air Cargo Forum (ACF) in October of 2016.

Edward Sanjiv chairs TACA’s Board of Directors  -  courtesy TIACA
Edward Sanjiv chairs TACA’s Board of Directors - courtesy TIACA

´Innovation will be at the top of their agenda in Paris, but let’s hope that they will not wait that long to start initiating more  and better innovative schemes for the air cargo industry.
A lot of footwork could be accomplished between now and October next year.

The “innovation themes” are said to centre around manufacturing trends which shape the industry, sustainable supply chains and the ideal future cargo hub.

Long-term issues vs….
A series of debates are planned which will chaired from a panel of TIACA Board members chosen from across the supply chain. Debates, according to TIACA information are planned on such subjects as e-business and “embracing the cloud” as well as workshops dealing with the impact of new legislation.
This is just a part of the ACF program scheduled for the event in 2016.

…pressing short term topics
But what plans do TIACA have for the coming twelve months?
There is no mention of that in their recent information sheet.
With all respect, TIACA is doing a lot to try and reshape itself and bring it closer to the industry’s needs as a whole.
However, there are many issues still open which have to be solved very quickly and where TIACA and its members should be playing the leading role.

Training of future air cargo management potential is one.
This has been started now and seems to be gaining more interest from the industry.
But, what about all the outstanding subjects?
One does not hear much in that direction and maybe it would be more beneficial if TIACA were to give regular updates there as well.

Is TIACA on the right track?
We are not being overly critical of TIACA.
On the contrary, we believe this organization has all the chances of being a real leader within the industry.
But maybe they have to concentrate more on the day to day problems of the air cargo industry and not put so much weight on issues (although important) such as cargo hubs of the future.

TIACA itself states that it is the only organization which represents all sectors of the air cargo supply chain.
It would be good to hear the industry supporting that claim.

John Mc Donagh

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