SingPost Trials Mail Delivery by Drone

Singapore Post Ltd (SingPost), in partnership with the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore, has successfully delivered mail by drone by sending a letter and a t-shirt in a parcel from mainland Singapore to Palau Ubin, an island about two kilometres off Singapore's northeast coast.

SingPost drone on its way to deliver mail
SingPost drone on its way to deliver mail

The drone was built upon a Pixhawk Steadidrone platform by IDA Labs, and is tailored for use in closely inhabited, thus extremely challenging environment like Singapore, SingPost said in a statement.

Successful test flight
To ensure that mail reaches its intended recipient at Palau Ubin, the device is equipped with enhanced safety features and comes with a prototype app designed with security and verification features.
The focus of the trial flight was to test the drone technology and safety boundaries. Dr Bernard Leong, Head of Digital Services at SingPost noted: “There is immense potential in UAV technology for last-mile mail and e-Commerce delivery.

Nol van Fenema

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