Part 2 - Appreciative Words

Aside from the official speeches there were lots of talks among the 180 attendees of the Stuttgart-held EMO-TRANS celebration, describing their relation to the agent or recalling special occasions witnessed in the past. We pricked up our ears.

Danita Waterfall-Brizzi
Director Cargo Sales and Services, Delta Airlines
At Delta, we are proud to have such a customer-conscious partner as EMO-TRANS. Like EMO, we aim to maintain the heart and care of a family company while continuing to grow and grow. EMO really does that. Trust, reliability and care among customers and business partners.
We wish EMO a heartfelt congratulation and all the best for another 50!
Thank you for your partnership!

Jorge Carretero
Senior Sales Manager Germany & Luxembourg, LAN Cargo
EMO-TRANS is a very pleasant business partner, always preferring a style of open and direct communication. In case there is a problem in daily work it can be clarified right away in an open and frank manner. This mutual information exchange binds and supports relationships.
Our determination is to further grow our business together with EMO-TRANS particularly on air freight consignments flown to Chile but also from Germany and Europe to Brazil where we do have a very high market share. Brazil, mainly Sao Paulo and Viracopos, have meanwhile become our prime destinations on southbound flights, accounting for an air freight volume higher than that of Santiago de Chile.
To me, EMO-TRANS is an illustrative example of the importance of the strong and healthy medium-size industrial sector. Without firms like EMO contributing to our volumes we could not really counterbalance the effect of major market fluctuations.

Tobias Riege
Managing Director, Riege Software International
50 years of existence is a remarkable period for any company, which many fail to reach. Not so EMO-TRANS that weathered some economic storms and grew into a multinational actor by running stations at five continents.
Transporting air freight from A to B is nothing spectacular, a task many contenders are doing day by day. But fast adjusting to rapid economic trends, detecting market niches, taking risks and acting courageously is not everyone’s cup of tea.
To me, EMO-Trans belongs to the kind of companies that have developed an unmistakable feeling for customer’s needs and an instinct for innovations. A striking example is their implementation of state-of-the-art IT technology, a tool for improving and speeding up processes, enhancing the service quality and raising the customer satisfaction level to new heights.
EMO-TRANS realized quite early that without an up-to-date IT infrastructure it will be hard to survive in the long run as an enterprise. We from the Riege team congratulate them to this foresightedness and wish them well for the upcoming 50 years.

Statements compiled by Heiner Siegmund

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