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An air freight container from Jettainer’s ULD pool is currently flying from continent to continent, displaying the logo of EMO-TRANS, the forwarding agent that will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next Wednesday. It’s a fine gesture initiated by Lufthansa Cargo who expressed their thanks to EMO for a long-standing and highly rewarding partnership.

50 years serving the industry successfully – Klaus Kunkel of LH Cargo (standing right) congratulates EMO’s Bernhard Stock  -  courtesy LH Cargo
50 years serving the industry successfully – Klaus Kunkel of LH Cargo (standing right) congratulates EMO’s Bernhard Stock - courtesy LH Cargo

Klaus Kunkel point blank: “Cooperating with EMO-TRANS is very enjoyable since it is based on mutual fairness and respect!” As Lufthansa Cargo’s Head of Sales Team 2, in his role as the key account manager responsible for EMO-TRANS, he was faced with a problem that kept him intellectually busy: what to give a good client on their 50th anniversary? A traditional present like a painting or a special photograph, some free of charge tix for flights within Lufthansa’s global network for leading EMO managers or an invitation to a concert or special sports event?
A lot of options, but none of them really felt uniquely special to Klaus. 
Finally, after some days of contemplating, he had the bright idea to take one of the Jettainer managed LD air freight containers and display EMO’s special logo on the transport box’s panel on the occasion of the company’s upcoming anniversary celebration in Stuttgart, Germany.
Said and done! 

It’s the gesture, not the lifespan that counts
Meanwhile, the box is traveling around the world packed with commercial shipments, delivering the visual message to ground handlers in Frankfurt, New York, Hong Kong and elsewhere that EMO-TRANS is turning 50. How long the poster will endure and adhere to the container remains to be seen and depends on weather conditions as well as the handling practices at warehouses and airports. Key Account Kunkel speaks of “at least two weeks”, others expect it will be displayed there for an entire month or maybe even longer.

They are excited by Kunkel’s initiative at EMO.
“That was a splendid idea Klaus came up with, a present given to us that couldn’t be any better,” applauds Bernhard Stock, Director of Air Freight and Global Network at EMO-TRANS, based in Frankfurt.
This is quite a challenge for the many invitees that will attend the celebration on Wednesday. For them there is not much time left to come up with an even better idea, topping Klaus Kunkel’s special gift.

Heiner Siegmund  /  Michael Taweel

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