ASL Aviation Goes for a Rebranding

The ASL Aviation Group which is based in Dublin, Ireland has announced a further rebranding of its four aviation related companies.
The new group name will be ASL Airlines.
This is made up of Air Contractors (Ireland), Europe Airpost (France) and  Farnair Switzerland and Hungary.

ASL freighter displaying the new livery  /  courtesy ASL
ASL freighter displaying the new livery / courtesy ASL

The group CEO Hugh Flynn is convinced that the single branding will make it easier to utilize their European fleet of aircraft across individual countries.

ASL has become over the past few years one of Europe’s leading inter-Europe air freight carriers.
It has an agreement with the Irish national carrier, Aer Lingus, to operate Shannon - New York and Boston as well as Dublin to Toronto freighter services utilizing their Airbus A300-600F aircraft of which the company has two units.
The total ASL fleet consists of around 100 aircraft including those of Safair South Africa which operates a fleet of Hercules freighters. Almost 75 of the total number of aircraft are in service within Europe.

The takeover of Farnair Switzerland in 2014 also gave ASL a 45% stake in the Thai carrier, K- Mile Air and a 72.6% holding in QUIKJET India.

Cargo plays an important role at ASL
The group has a mixed fleet of passenger and cargo aircraft, with the Boeing 737 and ATR-42 and ATR-72 variants playing the largest role.
European operations, specifically with the ATR fleet are mainly on behalf of integrators Fedex Feeder and DHL Express, as well as for the French Postal Service.
They operate from hubs in France and Germany and fly daily as far north to Norway and as far south to Greece.

The aircraft will eventually all be repainted in the ASL group colours
Unscheduled passenger services are operated also from Ireland to various holiday resorts within Europe.
ASL has a long history, being founded originally back in 1972 as AirBridge Carriers with its base at East Midlands Airport.
The name was changed to Hunting Cargo Airlines in 1992 and by 1997 all operations were transferred to Ireland.
The first rebranding took place in 1998 into the name Air Contractors.
From there on out the company continued to grow mainly through airline acquisitions.

From that, the ASL Aviation Group was formed which now gets its new name ASL Airlines.

John Mc Donagh

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