QR Cargo Adds Boeing 747-400BCF to its Freighter Fleet

The P2C converted aircraft is the first Boeing 747-400 freighter operated by the airline. It complements the growing fleet comprising of Boeing 777Fs and Airbus A330Fs.

QR Cargo’s 747-400BCF at Doha Airport  /  Credit QR
QR Cargo’s 747-400BCF at Doha Airport / Credit QR

QR Cargo’s latest fleet member can uplift 112.5 tons per flight, satisfying their client’s increasing demand for outsized freight transportation.
Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo, Ulrich Ogiermann commented: “A dedicated charter aircraft will enable Qatar Airways Cargo to satisfy the growing demand from our customers for capacity in the ad-hoc charter market. Qatar Airways Cargo continues to grow: we have achieved our status as the world’s fifth largest cargo carrier by adopting a market-responsive strategy that is strengthened by our global network and expanding fleet. The addition of the B747 freighter will enable further flexibility by supplementing our existing scheduled services as and when required.”

Due to its large side cargo door the aircraft can be loaded quickly and easily, whether the cargo is made up of standard containers and pallets or nonstandard, outsized items.

The aircraft will serve QR Cargo only for about 2 months 
The passenger to freighter (P2C) converted aircraft is only an intermediate solution since it will be phased out in October when QR Cargo expects its first factory-built 747-400 all-cargo aircraft to arrive at Doha Hamad International. The 747F will provide belly freight capacity and main cargo deck capacity with 39 ULD positions. The pressurized cargo cabin means that the aircraft is suitable to transport freight of all kinds and provides a temperature control range from 4° to 30° degrees Celsius. QR Cargo stresses in their release that livestock and horses, perishables, heavy machinery, oversized equipment, oil and gas equipment as well as humanitarian and relief aid can all be transported worldwide with this aircraft, which is suitable for long haul cargo flights of up to 10 hours.

At the Paris Air Show in June, Qatar Airways Cargo had confirmed an order for an additional four Boeing B777Fs, increasing its outstanding fleet order to eight Boeing B777Fs and two Airbus A330Fs.
QR Cargo’s current fleet includes six Airbus 330Fs, one B747F and eight Boeing 777 freighters.

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