Toll Group Plans New Logistics Hub in Singapore

The Toll Group, which in late May became a division of Japan Post, has unveiled its plans for Toll City – a 100,000 square metre logistics hub in Singapore.

Artist Impression of new Toll hub - Courtesy Toll Group
Artist Impression of new Toll hub - Courtesy Toll Group

The US$166 million five-level, ramp-up facility will house state-of-the-art automation systems to improve productivity and operating efficiency for Toll and its customers in Singapore and in the region.
Toll Global Logistics CEO, Chris Pearce said that Toll City will redefine warehousing solution options for its customers through leading-edge technology and innovation in a world class facility. "We will be ready to increase Toll’s productivity and meet warehousing capacity demand in a region that is set to become one of the largest economic blocs in the world.”
Some of the high-tech options being considered for Toll City include high-speed unit picking, voice picking and intelligent conveyor systems. Pearce also noted that the completion of Toll City in mid-2017 will enhance Singapore’s position as a regional logistics hub.

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