TIACA Welcomes WCO’s New Security Framework

A breakthrough on airfreight cargo safety rulings and procedures was recently reached as the World Customs Organization (WCO) officially adopted the so called “7+1” data set which is a requirement on risk data analysis to help standardize the basic Pre-Loading Advance Cargo Information (PLACI) processes.

Doug Brittin (5th from left) along with TIACA members at Miami gathering  /  courtesy TIACA
Doug Brittin (5th from left) along with TIACA members at Miami gathering / courtesy TIACA

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) welcomed this move by WCO in a statement issued at their recent get together in Miami.
The “7+1” data includes the number of pieces, general cargo description, shippers name and address, total weight along with the consignee name and address.
They are the seven (name & address count as two).
On top is the house air waybill number.
Hence the “7+1” title.
Doug Brittin, TIACA’s General Secretary states that “this is a major step forward for Advance Data.”
He adds that “the WCO should be praised for collaborating so closely with the industry to work towards a secure supply chain while ensuring the smooth flow of commerce.”

TIACA is doing all possible on a global scale to coordinate the new PLACI regimes with regulators. The PLACI initiative was put into place by the United States, Canada and the European Union after the 2010 Yemen incident where luckily bombs were intercepted having being hidden in desktop printers.
The TIACA Board is convinced that the new PLACI regimes have to be standard worldwide to avoid the risk that cargo will be left on the ramp if it happens to transit through more than one area.

Readers can download a TIACA Position Paper on latest PLACI developments under tiaca.org

Five new TIAC Board Members
As part of its recent reorganization TIACA has appointed five new members to their Board of Directors.
The new members come from Asia, Europe and North America and bring with them experience of the integrator charter, all cargo airline and airport sectors.

The new members are Amy Smith, Head of Customs and Regulatory Affairs at DHL Express (USA), Chee Meng Wong, Senior VP Cargo Services at SATS (SIN). They are joined by Russi Batliwala, CEO Chapman Freeborn, Oliver Gritz, CCO, MD Europe at Worldwide Air Logistics Group along with Greg Guillaume, Senior VP Strategic Development at Atlas Worldwide Holdings.

Doug Brittin comments on the appointments that “they bring important insight into the issues facing different areas of our industry, adding richness and diversity to our leadership.”

Revamped website
There seems to be a new wind blowing through TIACA’s halls. One which we hope will enable the organization to become even more effective in the future for its members.
TIACA promotes e-freight on its new website.
With the recent launching of its new website the organization has added an industry scorecard aimed at helping along the drive to promote e-freight.
They have totally revamped the old website, giving the new one a more interesting face as well as better networking opportunities and an enhanced member’s directory with up-to-date profiles.
TIACA members can now also post press releases with their company news on the website and the planning is to introduce a so called community blog as of September this year.

John Mc Donagh

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