Frank Changes Sides

Frank Hermann, long-time LAN Cargo commercial director in Europe is exiting the Latin American carrier after having spent 19 years with the company to seek new professional challenges in Italy. Rather than switching over to another cargo airline the 47 year-old will take on new responsibilities at a major logistics company.

Frank Hermann
Frank Hermann

“This change of sides from an airline to a multinational forwarding agent is a huge challenge after having spent most of my professional life with LAN Cargo,” states Frank. Then why did he take risks instead of continuing doing what he very successfully had done for almost two decades: building and positioning LAN CARGO as the leading carrier from Europe to Latin America?
“I was looking for new business horizons,” he states. He adds that Milan, where he’ll be based is quite an interesting location where one can feel comfortable both in business and privately.

Northern Italy is a manufacturing hot spot
In his new role as responsible air freight manager in Italy he’ll have to manage all air freight related matters in the southern European country with Milan being the local hot spot of this business. “
Compared to Rhine-Main, his current place of activity Milan’s Malpensa Airport offers less all-cargo flights and fewer  intercontinental connectivity. Nevertheless, Rome adds as a second hub, not to forget also major cargo flows that are trucked to gateways outside of Italy.

Throat cut competition
The competition is throat cut since all of the global logistics players have offices there trying to capture the biggest possible slice of the Italian market. Therefore, after having settled in Milan and got acquainted with the mentality and business ethics of the local players Mr Hermann will presumably have to weather some storms. Of big help in daily dealing should be his language skills since Frank not only speaks German, English and Spanish but also fluent Italian. 
He’ll leave his desk at LAN Cargo this Wednesday (22 July) to continue his carrier as air freight manager Italy of a multinational logistics player at the beginning of September.
We wish him the best of good luck.

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