AA Cargo Spreads in Atlanta

American Airlines Cargo has announced operating a new 12,000-square-foot cargo warehouse (3,658 sqm) at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. The new facility adds to AA Cargo’s existing handling capacity.

AA Cargo’s new premises at ATL  /  courtesy AA
AA Cargo’s new premises at ATL / courtesy AA

Located in the airport’s north cargo area the new facility will help to reduce loading and unloading processing times for the carrier’s clients, accelerating the flow of consignments, stresses AA Cargo. 
It is slightly larger than the previous premises the carrier operates from in ATL but the big difference is that it’s fully dedicated to AA Cargo whereas in the previous location it was shared with other airlines and freighter operators.

Processing cargo throughput more efficiently
On the occasion, Tom Cartwright, AA Cargo’s senior manager of field operations stated: “This new location will allow us to process cargo more efficiently, providing the best possible experience our customers expect and deserve.” Tom added to this: “We are excited that our customers will now benefit from the extensive trucking networking, along with our dedicated facility.” This goes far beyond Georgia covering the neighboring states.
According to AA, cargo service in Atlanta is available for the following American products: Priority Parcel Service (PPS), ConfirmedFS and ExpediteFS.
These services include a variety of trucking options to major American Airlines hubs: Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago, Charlotte, N.C., Philadelphia and Miami, as well as Raleigh, N.C.
AA Cargo stresses that each of these locations offers customers more connecting opportunities to international destinations throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America.
Responsible for processing the goods in the new warehouse is agent Swissport Cargo Services, American Airline Cargo’s ground handling partner in Atlanta.

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